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Four years ago, ACM SIGGRAPH realized there was a missing piece in its annual conference for the graphics community: the web. Thus was born SIGGRAPH's newest program, Web Graphics, encapsulating the best of the internet. This year we present the Web Program, a brand new and improved edition of the late Web Graphics program.

The internet is the premiere venue for collaboration today. Its language is graphics. At the annual SIGGRAPH conference, graphics in the context of the internet takes on a different meaning. We define graphics as the effective impartation of information. When we think of graphics on the internet, we think not only of the pictures that paint it, but also of systems that drive it, algorithms that search it, architectures that make it, databases that store it, and, above all, the ideas that push it.

An overview of this year's program:

Overview of this years Web Program

The SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Program will inspire attendees to recreate the internet. This year's submissions have been categorized into three distinct tracks: Technical, Application, and Paradigm. Your contributions may include topics such as:
  • Web standards
  • Open-source technologies
  • Web 3D technologies
  • Rich internet application development
  • Usability, accessibility, and internationalization
  • Digital art
  • Web design
  • Visualization
  • And more
The Web Program evolved from the Web Graphics Program and does resemble its predecessor to a certain degree. However, the 2005 edition is more than just an evolutionary advance. It is a brand new program that addresses the evolving nature of the internet. Among other things, it addresses the academic need of the internet community in the form of a refereed Technical track. Other highlights include new sub-programs like Panels and Forums, the latter being a long-time attendee favorite. Look around, and you just may find exactly what you're looking for. Chances are that you'll find much more!

The Web Program of the 32nd annual SIGGRAPH Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques calls upon those creators, visionaries, and artists whose works push the boundaries of the web and pave the way for the future of the internet. Come share your vision and triumphs with the best and brightest of the global computer graphics community!

Nishant Kothary
SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Chair Technical Track Web Panels Forums Application Track Paradigm Track