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A sketch is proposed by submitting a one-page document, typically in the form of an extended abstract, along with optional supporting material such as images and video.

If the sketch is accepted, the submitter will be asked to provide a one-page summary of the sketch to include in the conference publications. The summary is expected to be largely, if not exactly the same as the proposal. So the submitted proposal serves two simultaneous purposes:

1. The first and foremost purpose of the submission is to convince the jury that the proposed sketch would make a worthy contribution to the Sketches presentation program. That is: the work is new, a roomful of SIGGRAPH 2005 attendees would be interested in attending the presentation, and they would benefit from being there.

2. The submitted proposal document is also a final-format draft of the sketch summary. The jury may comment on the clarity and quality of the document.

Submission Format

Sketch proposals must be submitted electronically, as one-page PDF files. The submission should be self-contained, including the description of the novel aspect of the work, along with appropriate figures, tables, results, and references. The document should follow the format described in the ACM SIGGRAPH publication guidelines for Sketches.

One page does not provide very much space, so use the space wisely. It's advisable to get right to the heart of the idea at once in the text, with only a small, concentrated preamble and include only the few most significant references relevant to your work.

Upon acceptance, authors will have a very limited amount of time to make minor adjustments, to produce the final summary document that is incorporated into the conference publications.

Optional Supporting Material

The one-page submission must stand alone as an overview and summary of the proposed sketch. But in many cases, it would be impossible for the jury to evaluate a proposal without seeing the results or project demonstrated in more detail. Accordingly, submitters may provide supporting material in the form of video, images, and/or further documentation.

The total size of all uploaded data should not exceed 40 Mbytes. See the Submission Procedure Checklist for complete information.
  • Video
    All submitters are encouraged to provide video demonstrations of their projects, if available. Up to five minutes of video may be uploaded, in one or more separate files.
  • Images
    Submitters may provide high-resolution images to demonstrate their work. Any number of images may be uploaded.
  • Documentation
    In some cases, results can best be conveyed as a document with images, graphs, charts, and so forth. The documentation should be in PDF format, up to three pages long, and should contain mostly captioned figures. Please refrain from submitting an expanded paper, as the jury will not have time to read it.
  • Physical media: CD-ROM, DVD, and VHS cassettes In exceptional cases where uploading digital data is not feasible, we will accept video and images on physical media, but only with prior agreement of the Sketches Chair. Note that the physical media must arrive by the time of the electronic submission deadline, so make sure to contact the Sketches Chair and send the media well in advance.
  • Other material or media
    In exceptional circumstances, other supporting material or media may be considered for review, but only with prior agreement of the Sketches Chair. Please contact the Sketches Chair well in advance of the submission deadline.
  • Thumbnail image
    Each submitter is requested (but not required) to upload an image that can act as a visual reminder of the sketch. The image can be any size, but the submission system will automatically resize it to fit within 150 x 150 pixels. The thumbnail will be used in the jury process to help jurors remember which sketch is which. The image can be anything at all, such as a frame from an animation, a test result, a photo of the apparatus, or your corporate logo, just so it ties in to the sketch somehow.
Please review Submission Procedure Checklist for more tips and guidelines on how to prepare your sketch and what to submit.