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Presentation Format

At the conference, presenters are expected to mount their posters for attendees to view. A poster is typically a collection of printed pages or images mounted on posterboard, but those with access to large-format printers may prefer to produce a single document. The final poster size should not exceed approximately 60 inches x 40 inches (approximately 150 centimeters x 100 centimeters).

There will be scheduled sessions in which presenters will be expected to stand by their posters and discuss the work with interested attendees. Presenters may wish to bring printed technical reports or other material to hand out to interested attendees. Presenters are also encouraged to bring their laptop computers, in order to show images, play animations, and run interactive demos.

Submission Format

Although the presentation will be in the form of a poster, the submission itself should be in the form of an extended abstract describing the work. The abstract should include a concise description of the idea, the results, supporting imagery and figures, and a discussion of the impact or future directions of the work. Full literature searches are not expected, although a few relevant citations should be included.

The abstract should be submitted as a one-page, two-column PDF document, as described in the ACM SIGGRAPH publication guidelines for posters. Accepted abstracts will be included in the SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference Select CD-ROM and the Full Conference DVD-ROM.

Optional Material

Three types of additional material can accompany a Posters submission:

1. Images that will be displayed on the poster or on the presenter's laptop. These should be uploaded in a commonly viewable format, such as JPEG.

2. Digital video that will be played on the presenter's laptop. This should be uploaded in a commonly viewable format, such as Quicktime, MPEG, or AVI with common encoding.

3. The series of slides that will be mounted on the poster, or a mockup of the entire poster. This should be uploaded as a single PDF or PowerPoint file.

Total size of the uploaded material should not exceed 40 Mbytes. See the Submission Procedure Checklist for information on file formats.