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Inspiration: when conversations make
things we've never considered seem obvious.

The deadline for submitting SIGGRAPH 2005 Panels topics was 3 November 2004. Panel position papers must be received by 6 pm Pacific time, 1 March 2005.
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Panel Topics

Rethinking The Narrative Thread: Where Do Movies End And Videogames Begin? Discussing The New Storytelling Paradigm

The Ultimate Display: What Will It Be?

Academic Research And Production: How Does Research Change The Tools We Use In Production? And How Do Production Needs Influence Academic Research?

CG Centerfolds And Beyond: Now That They Look Real, What Do We Do With Them?

Networked Performance: How Does Art Affect Technology and Vice Versa?

Outsourcing CG: Is It the Problem or the Solution?

Believable Characters: Are AI-Driven Characters Possible, and Where Will They Take Us?

State Of The Art In Game Research: Games on the Horizon and Beyond

Ubiquitous Music: How Are Sharing, Copyright, and Really Cool Technology Changing the Roles of the Artist and the Audience?

The Open-Source Movement and the Graphics Community: How Can Open Source, Third Party, and Proprietary Software Models Coexist?

WWAI: How is the Web Growing? Into a Social Super-Organism or a Mass of Disconnected Information?

The Fourth Annual SIGGRAPH CyberFashion Show Invites Participation

The Panels program is the SIGGRAPH water cooler: the place where you get to discuss everything cool pertaining to computer graphics and interactive techniques. Panels is your opportunity to submit a topic and voice your opinion, to have a conversation with your peers, to debate a great subject in front of hundreds of your closest colleagues.

Whether you're passionate about matte painting, real-time graphics, haptics, robotics, experimental gaming, 2D vs 3D animation, open source, finding a job in the industry, or creating the perfect Electronic Theater piece, this is your opportunity to convene a group and articulate your opinion. Panels feature between three and five speakers who will converse in either a presentational or conversational setting.

To generate as much interest as we can, exploring the largest possible group of topics and panelists, SIGGRAPH 2005 Panels will utilize a two-part submission process: the first determines panel topics, the second populates those topics with panelists.

Part One

Submit a clear, concise description (100 words or less) of the topic you would like discussed at SIGGRAPH 2005. Include the reasons your panel is important to the conference, whether you would like to moderate the panel, and why you're our perfect moderator. The Panels Jury will review the submissions and publish accepted subjects. (Please remember you can submit a panel idea If you have a great idea for a panel but don't have panelists. The first stage is simply to select subjects.) We would love to hear any strange, wonderful, and unusual computer graphics-related conversations, so please submit your ideas.

Part Two

Once the selected panel topics are published on this site, we'll be looking for panelists and moderators. You can put yourself forward as either, and if your panel topic is selected, we encourage you to submit appropriate panlists. This jury meeting will determine the best speakers for the best topics.

Special Sessions

If you have a compelling idea for a Special Session, I would love to hear it. Please drop me a note by 3 November 2004! I know that's early, but they take a very long time to organize.

We provide the water cooler. It's your conversation.

jill smolin
SIGGRAPH 2005 Panels Chair
The Gnomon Workshop