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O melhor lugar do mundo é aqui e agora.
(The best place in the world is here and now.)
"Aqui & Agora" (1977)

Get the most out of your SIGGRAPH experience in 2005!

Our primary goal in 2005 is to enhance the conference's multi-cultural flavor, by encouraging the international community to attend and participate in all sessions, activities, and events at SIGGRAPH 2005.

In addition to the help and support traditionally offered to SIGGRAPH international attendees, (such as the English Review Service and volunteer assistance), SIGGRAPH 2005 will offer NEW services and activities to facilitate the participation of those who come from all over the world to be part of the SIGGRAPH experience!
  • Wouldn't it be useful to learn how to organize your time and plan your schedule in order to get the most out of SIGGRAPH 2005 (especially if you are a first-timer)?
  • Wouldn't it be nice to visit the Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies guided by someone who speaks YOUR language and can explain details of the works being presented?

NEW for SIGGRAPH 2005!

In order to fulfill the needs and dreams of international attendees and participants, these NEW services will be offered for SIGGRAPH 2005:
  • A group of leading artists and scientists from the SIGGRAPH community will help international attendees get the best of SIGGRAPH 2005! They will teach you how to make sense of the intense conference schedule, talk about the strategies they apply to select the events and performances they wish to attend, and explain how they manage to get to all these events in time! Visit the International Center to learn it all!
  • Guided tours in different languages: go to the International Center, choose a language, and enroll in one of the guided tours of the Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies! Two-hour tours (in three different languages) will depart daily from the International Center. Guided-tour time schedules will be available on the SIGGRAPH 2005 web site and in the Program & Buyer's Guide.
In addition to those new services, we will continue to provide all the other services offered in previous years:
  • English Review Service: Helping to improve the writing of international submissions to the various SIGGRAPH 2005 programs and events. A team of native English-speaking volunteers will read your proposed contribution before you officially submit it and provide suggestions to improve the legibility of the text in English. (Note: no guarantee of turn around time is made concerning the English Review service. The earlier you submit your material for review, the higher the likelihood it will get done before your program deadline.) Volunteers are needed to read international submissions and offer suggestions for enhancing the text (not content). If your first language is English and you would be willing to review submissions, please contact the International Resources Chair directly.
  • Volunteers will assist you at the International Center! Members of the International Resources Committee will answer questions from attendees, lend assistance to those who may wish to host meetings or informal gatherings for attendees from their countries or regions, and provide informal translation services.
We welcome any questions you might have! Contact the International Resources Chair if you need more information.


The International Resources Committee is composed of volunteers from around the world. You have the opportunity to be a part of this effort for SIGGRAPH 2005 by joining the International Resources Committee or volunteering for one or more of these activities:
  • Working to promote SIGGRAPH 2005. This is done in a variety of ways. For example, we communicate the message of the conference and distribute SIGGRAPH 2005 literature at conferences, symposia, and other events and facilities around the world. We also work with local ACM SIGGRAPH Professional or Student Chapters around the world. There isn't one in your area? We'll help you to get one started!
  • Helping to improve the writing of international submissions to the various SIGGRAPH 2005 programs and events (see: English Review Service).
  • Supporting international attendees during SIGGRAPH 2005.
  • Working as a "guide": if you are fluent in Japanese, Spanish, or French, you can volunteer to lead one of the guided tours of the Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies!
To volunteer for the International Resources Committee, please fill out this online form.

If you are a student, you are invited to apply to be a SIGGRAPH 2005 Student Volunteer. For complete information, see the Student Volunteers Call for Participation. If you are applying to be a student volunteer, but you also have an interest in working with the International Resources Committee, please email the International Resources Chair:

Rejane Spitz
SIGGRAPH 2005 International Resources Chair
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro