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The SIGGRAPH 2005 Courses program seeks to spotlight a small number of courses that directly explore innovation and practice in open-source computer graphics.

Open source is changing the face of graphics. It powers research. It expands the reach of education. It inspires competition in business. How will it rock your world?

The possibilities are endless. Intriguing topic areas include:
  • Frontier Research

    Freedom to advance ideas? Intellectual property quagmire? How to make open source work in research and learning environments? Academic integrity, citations, culture, and advancement?
  • Educational Distributions

    Fact or fiction? How can comprehensive toolsets be built and maintained for advanced learning curriculums? How can interdisciplinary work support inter-department goals (computer science, industrial design, art, design, engineering, etc.)?
  • Enterprise Animation

    How is open source changing the business of animation? What strengths and weaknesses emerged in transitions? What challenges lie ahead? What holes need filling? How will commercial systems evolve?
  • Defacto Standards

    Which comes first: form or function? Does it take a village to sustain a design? What are the best self-organizing structures for projects? Can birds-of-a-feather truly code together? What graphics challenges await the open source torch? What are the ideal prototypes? Will this change the nature of software engineering?
  • Evolutionary Revolutions

    Invented the wheel, now visualizing the car? Will revolutionary graphics ideas emerge from reusable code platforms? What pitfalls cause early project failures? Does open source accelerate or hinder adoption? What grand challenges could be put to rest by this collaborative phenomenon?
  • Career Calling Card

    Will open source become the next "demo reel" for developers? What projects make the best demonstrations? Is industry ready to evaluate such examples and what criteria does it need?
  • Graphics Library Alexandria

    How best to catalog and search the open body of computer graphics and interactive techniques in open source? What can be done to expose small code innovations like that of "Graphics Gems?" What forums support the best kind of user and developer communities?
  • What's Next?

    Your ideas, approaches, and opinions here...
Spotlight Courses are thematic presentations that highlight and lead emerging ideas within the ACM SIGGRAPH community. They ask questions, survey ideas, offer directions, and then invite their interested audiences into taking next steps within local/global communities or between SIGGRAPH conferences.

Spotlight Courses are standard course proposals in all aspects of format and requirements. They must meet the same quality and depth-of-inquiry goals as other SIGGRAPH course submissions. As an invited focus topic, however, selection may be additionally based upon the topic quality and community leadership potential.

While proposals can cover any perspective, they must somehow add insight to the practice of "Open-Source Computer Graphics." Ideally, they should also offer their audiences ways to further use or develop these ideas within the ACM SIGGRAPH community. Submissions are encouraged to propose additional forms of follow up that include (but are not limited to):
  • Birds Of a Feather (BOFs) at SIGGRAPH 2005 or SIGGRAPH 2006
  • Panels at SIGGRAPH 2005 or SIGGRAPH 2006
  • ACM SIGGRAPH Project Grants proposals
  • ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters activities
  • Articles for ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Quarterly or Communications of the ACM
  • ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee collaborations
  • ... your favorite ACM SIGGRAPH charter here.
Acceptance or rejection from SIGGRAPH 2005 Courses will not guarantee success with these other programs. Pursuit may, however, promote development and sustainable interest in your proposed topic area.