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The Computer Animation Festival is a visual summary of the excellence achieved through the use of computer graphics and interactive techniques over the past year. It is an invitation to animators and filmmakers, scientific visionaries and engineers, artists and programmers, and students and teachers to participate in one of the most prestigious events of its kind in the world.

Subject matter may include any form of visual representation that employs computer-generated imagery: animation, motion graphics, game development and design, entertainment technologies, visual effects, scientific and medical visualization, interactive technologies, real-time animation, research and development, education, architecture, art and design, music, dance, interactive performance, narrative works, non-narrative works, experimental works, commercial productions for film and broadcast, and student productions

Scientific Visualization and Simulation

The SIGGRAPH 2005 Computer Animation Festival is making a special effort to bring more pieces that present technical innovation (often in conjunction with a Papers submission), scientific visualization, medical imaging, and simulation into both the Electronic Theater and Animation Theater. We encourage all members of the scientific, technical, and educational communities to polish up your presentations and submit them for consideration. Please contact the Computer Animation Festival Technical Outreach Director if you have any questions.

Real-Time Rendering

We are encouraging and accepting real-time submissions for both the SIGGRAPH 2005 Computer Animation Festival and Emerging Technologies. If your real-time animation requires interaction, we suggest you submit through Emerging Technologies. If you can package your animation as a pre-recorded short film, the Computer Animation Festival is probably your best choice.

Flying Logos

It's a geode! No, it's a coconut! No, it's a whirling vortex of chaos! ACM SIGGRAPH has a new logo, and we are accepting a special class of submissions this year: short (seven-second maximum) animations of the new logo. If you're really feeling ambitious, the SIGGRAPH 2005 logo is also fair game. You never know where these logos will pop up, but this is your chance to really have fun! Logo animations may not include on-screen credits. Note that logo animations may not be evaluated using the standard jury process and will not be eligible for the same contributor recognition as full-length pieces. If your logo animation is accepted, you will receive one Exhibits Plus registration, which includes access to Animation Theaters, the Art Gallery, Birds of a Feather, Emerging Technologies, the Exhibition, Exhibitor Tech Talks, Get Involved, International Resources, the Keynote Address, Pathfinders, and Posters.


SIGGRAPH 2005 Logo Files

Submissions to Multiple Programs

The SIGGRAPH conference is about community. Education and communication are two important aspects of our community, and the conference aims to encourage them. One of the best ways to truly understand the techniques, inspiration, and innovation shown in the Computer Animation Festival is to learn more about them through presentations in other programs. In a collaborative effort, the SIGGRAPH 2005 committee strongly encourages adaptation of submitted work to multiple programs to enable the widest possible audience and understanding of the excellence that your submission represents.

All animation submissions for SIGGRAPH 2005 should be submitted through the Computer Animation Festival. If you wish your piece to be considered for the Art Gallery, please indicate this by selecting the "Art Show" checkbox on the submission form. It is possible for an entry to appear in both the Art Gallery and the Electronic Theater or Animation Theater.

Students should consider submitting to both the Computer Animation Festival and the Student Projects in Animation Competition and Exhibition (SPACE). Entries are juried separately, but may be selected and exhibited in both programs.

Acknowledgement of Receipt

Submitters will be notified via email when the online submission form is completed and the submission package is received and logged in our database. However, please also retain your shipping waybill number and contact your shipping agent to verify that your package has arrived at the proper destination by the posted deadline.

Remember, the show cannot go on without your work