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Read the following detailed instructions carefully to ensure that you have properly completed all the steps to meet the submission requirements for the Computer Animation Festival. Submitted videotapes, DVDs, and still images will not be returned.

All labels, descriptive statements, captions, and "Notes to the Jury" must be in English.

You must complete these three steps to submit your work to the Computer Animation Festival by the submission deadline (Friday, 11 March 2005, 5 pm Pacific Standard Time):

1. Complete the online SIGGRAPH 2005 Computer Animation Festival Submission Form. There you will find instructions on how to complete the form. You are permitted to edit your form until all information is complete. When you begin the form, you will be assigned a submission ID number. Make a record of that number and include it on all materials.

2. For standard (not logo) submissions, prepare your video submission package and include the following two items. See below for logo animation submission guidelines.

  1. A VHS or Beta SP videotape, or region-free DVD of your work. Label both the medium and its container with the contact person's complete information (name, affiliation, address, and telephone number), your submission ID number, the piece's title, total runtime, and time code (if required). Only VHS or Beta SP videotapes and region-free DVDs are eligible for the jury review process.
    • Only NTSC submissions will be accepted
    • End credits must be no longer than seven seconds.
    • Each piece of media must contain only one submission. Multiple submissions on a single piece of media will not be juried.
  2. A DVD-ROM or CD-ROM containing one still image that represents your work. Label the CD or DVD with the words "STILL IMAGE," your submission number, and a brief caption for the image. If you submit your animation on DVD, be sure to include the image as a separate disc. In other words, do not include the digital still on the same disc as your animation.

    This image is required for publications and pre-conference publicity. It is not juried. Still images must be submitted in digital format, in the highest quality possible, at least 300 dpi at 4 inches tall x 5 inches wide, pixel resolution of at least 1500 x 1200, TIFF or EPS files, no compression.
3. All logo animations are to be submitted online. If you are submitting a logo animation, upload your submission in one of the supported formats (see the submission page for details). We do not allow physical submission for logo animations. Each logo animation must also have its own submission ID number.

4. Clearly label all physical media as described above. Send your complete video entry submission package to:

Samuel Lord Black
SIGGRAPH 2005 Computer Animation Festival Chair
Pixar Animation Studios
1215 45th Street
Emeryville, California 94608 USA

All materials must be received by 11 March 2005, 5 pm Pacific time. We cannot return any submission materials.

If you are having difficulty with any of these requirements,please contact the Computer Animation Festival Chair , and we will see if can accommodate you.

Additional Requirements

Work in progress should only be submitted if 80 percent of the final version is complete. If your piece is not complete, we urge you to continue working on it. Don't wait until you receive notification of the jury results. If you do and are accepted, you will lose valuable time you may need to finish before the final submission deadline.

If your submission is longer than five minutes, please clearly indicate by time code a single five-minute section of your work that you wish to be viewed by the jury. If you omit the time code, your submission will be evaluated from the beginning. Submit only one project or entry per videotape or DVD with a single valid online submission ID number. Each uploaded logo animation must also have its own submission ID number.

Collaborative and group projects are encouraged, but only one completed project per videotape or DVD will be accepted. Remember: one entry, one piece of media (tape, DVD, or uploaded logo animation), one valid online submission ID number. For security, please remove the write-enable tab from videotape entries

When submitting your animation on DVD, be sure to follow these instructions. When your DVD is inserted into the DVD player, it must start up on a title page with a single button that we can select to play your DVD. Do not set up your DVD for auto-play, and do not add additional buttons. If you have access to a Macintosh running OSX, we highly recommend and prefer the Brushed Metal One iDVD template. Ensure that the running time code is continuous: do not use "chapters" to split up the time code.

Do NOT submit the following:
  • CD-ROM (except for still image), film, digital video, web sites, stereoscopic images, QuickTime, MPEG, or other forms of display. Such entries will not be reviewed.
  • PAL videotape or DVD.
  • Masters or your only original. We will accept first-generation tape as long as it is not the only original. Tape or DVD entries will not be returned.
  • Tapes that include commercial watermarks or "bugs." Such entries will not be reviewed.
  • More than one entry or completed project per videotape or DVD. Videotapes or DVDs containing more than one project or entry will not be reviewed.
  • Fiber or pulp-padded mailers for videotapes. If these mailers tear, the fibers can damage your tape and our playback equipment. Tapes sent in these mailers will not be reviewed. Please use bubble-wrap mailers instead.
Do not wait until the last minute to complete your online submission form. You may edit your submission forms until the submission deadline, so there is an advantage to starting them early.

Shipping, Tracking, and Receipt Notification

Send all your materials to the above address along with your video. You retain sole responsibility for delivering your submission to SIGGRAPH 2005. There is no special assistance available for tracking, fees, or damage claims as they pertain to shipment or receipt of your packages. You must retain your shipping waybill number for purposes of tracking your package and confirming delivery.

SIGGRAPH 2005 will send an automated email notification that your submission package has been received when it is logged in our database and your online submission form is completed.


Submitters located outside of the United States should note that substantial customs delays have been known to occur. Customs labels should bear the words: "Educational material with no commercial value." SIGGRAPH 2005 will not pay any customs fees, duties, or tariffs incurred by your submission. Submissions delayed past the submission deadline will not be accepted for review.

In Conclusion

For some submitters, meeting the Computer Animation Festival deadline is a difficult and sometimes frustrating challenge. Generally, the frustration increases as the deadline draws near. We encourage you to complete your online form and prepare as many of the submission requirements (written descriptions, still image, and final videotape) as early as possible. Do not wait until your project is complete before you begin the submission process.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or email the Computer Animation Festival Chair.

We will look forward to seeing your submission. Remember, the show cannot go on without your work.