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computer animation festival

SIGGRAPH Two-Thousand-Five is in LA
To bring the best in graphics right to you.
Computer Animation leads the way
And to participate, here's what to do.

Just entertain us with a clever coup,
And visual effects to amplify.
Or real-time graphics make it all come true
With animations made up on the fly.

Bring scientific truth to clarify,
Or teach us new techniques that we can wield.
We like to know your drive, your how and why,
There really is no limit in our field.

Come on, submit your pieces, don't just lurk.
The show cannot go on without your work.

Entertainment. Education. Interaction. Excitement.

For over 30 years, SIGGRAPH has been at the forefront of the graphics world, and the Computer Animation Festival has been the medium for showing the best in animation, visualization, and visual effects. The very best in graphics has always been our hallmark.

But just being the best is not good enough. The world is changing. Technology is evolving. Art is infusing us all.

The Computer Animation Festival is a reflection of the world in which we live. For 2005, we move into new realms of reality and display technologies, but as we look toward the future, we must not forget our past. SIGGRAPH is a technology conference; our roots are in technical innovation, scientific visualization, medical imaging, and simulation. This year, special attention will be paid to these areas as well as to the expanding role of real-time graphics.

Will you be the one to take us to the edge and beyond? Remember, the show cannot go on without your work.

Samuel Lord Black
Computer Animation Festival Chair
Penguin Flight Dynamics