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Conference News
Early-Bird Registration Deadline 18 June - Save up to $275

Don't wait any longer to register for SIGGRAPH 2005! Early-bird registration ends 18 June. Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. Don't delay. Register now and receive the maximum early-bird discounts on the SIGGRAPH 2005 experience. Click here to register.

Want to attend SIGGRAPH 2005, but need some help justifying the value to your management? No problem - SIGGRAPH now offers an easy way to download value points that more than justify the investment in your week of training, networking, and education. In fact, a recent informal survey of past SIGGRAPH attendees showed that those who rely on employers to fund their SIGGRAPH conference experience have the requirement of justifying travel costs and registration fees. Register now - prices increase after the early-bird date of 18 June 2005. Click here for access to SIGGRAPH's complimentary travel/expense justification sheet.

Complete SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference Content Available Online
SIGGRAPH returns to Los Angeles - but with more eye-popping content than ever before. Take a trip through time in the Art Gallery, experience tomorrow's technologies today in Emerging Technologies, see new images of the universe in Special Sessions, or review the companies showcasing their products at the best exhibition in the computer graphics industry. Wherever you want to go, the journey starts here - SIGGRAPH 2005 Advance Program (595KB PDF).

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Exhibition News

SIGGRAPH 2005 Exhibition Offers Latest Products in CG Industry
Think you've experienced all that the SIGGRAPH has to offer? Think again. With more than 225 industry-leading companies at the SIGGRAPH 2005 Exhibition, there's always something new and innovative. For instance, SIGGRAPH 2005 welcomes first-time exhibitor AGEIA Technologies Inc. - a fabless semiconductor company dedicated to delivering pervasive interactive reality to next-generation games.

"Whether a first-time exhibitor or a seasoned pro, SIGGRAPH is the place where companies make major announcements and unleash new products," stated Mike Weil, Exhibition Manger. "And, their investment always pays back ten-fold."

Limited exhibit space still remains. For more details, contact Mike Weil at

Click here to review the current SIGGRAPH 2005 Exhibitors. 

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Technical Content
Full-Dome Animation Theater to Make SIGGRAPH 2005 Debut
Experience the latest in immersive digital cinema at the Computer Animation Festival's Full-Dome Animation Theater. This special venue will feature the world's best full-dome animations from DomeFest 2005, the annual full-dome film festival held at Albuquerque, New Mexico's LodeStar Astronomy Center. The animations, produced by students, institutions, and full-dome professionals, will be screened daily on a 9-meter-diameter digital dome assembled especially for SIGGRAPH 2005.

Full-dome video is a rapidly growing medium, with more than 125 high-impact displays deployed worldwide in planetariums and special-venue theaters. Freed from the "tyranny of the frame," artists transport viewers into captivating, mind-bending environments and alternate worlds as they explore storytelling devices for this new medium.

For more details, click here.

Educators Program in Focus: From Sign-Language Subtitling to Promoting Education & Physical Activity in Children
SIGGRAPH 2005 Educators Program content explores the future of teaching and learning: virtual instructors, toys as teaching tools, individual versus community learning, and how computers can make education more engaging. In addition, there is added focus to using computer graphics and gaming to help promote education and physical activity in youth.

"Educational technology is growing at an astounding rate. This year we are able to showcase some of the first interactive programs developed for the new education environment," stated Patricia Beckmann-Wells, SIGGRAPH 2005 Educators Program Chair from Bunsella Films. "We have several avatar teachers and experiments in virtual tutors to showcase. A large exhibit of exercise games built for the younger student population to discourage the current obesity problem in K-12 schools also is being presented. Our goal is to showcase the 'wonder factor' of current education products and encourage an environment of self-directed learning."

New at SIGGRAPH 2005: The Incubator - an incredible demo space for interactive educational products that are available today or may be available in the future.

Click here for Education highlights.

SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Program: Something for Everyone
The SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Program offers 19 presentations spanning two full days. Speakers represent an international community including Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Australia. Topics include: information architecture, usability, programming platforms, new media education, the creative process, mobile technologies, devices, virtual environments, and 3D optimization.

 "The Web Program boasts an incredible repertoire of international speakers covering topics ranging from optimized 3D web transmissions to creativity on the web," stated Nishant Kothary, SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Program Chair from "We asked ourselves one question - what can SIGGRAPH offer the web attendee that they can get nowhere else? The answer is the future - which is exactly what this year's Web Program is all about - the techniques, the applications, the paradigms, and voices of the future. There is something for everyone - usability, information architecture, social networking, programming, 3D, devices, mobile technologies, and much more."

Click here for Web Program highlights.

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Conference Registration & Housing
Book Your Hotel Through SIGGRAPH & Save

Attendees who use the SIGGRAPH 2005 hotel-reservation system receive hotel discounts and a very rewarding booklet of discount coupons for downtown LA including:

  • The best coffee outlets
  • Excellent restaurants and bars
  • Most museums and concert halls
  • The best business centers
  • Exceptional salons and shops

    During the conference, the housing desk at the LA Convention Center distributes the coupon booklet to attendees who book hotels through the system.  Click here for more details.

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    News, Notes, & Miscellaneous
    Production in Focus: Kingdom of Heaven
    A SIGGRAPH conference is about networking and learning from industry peers and experts. In Millimeter's article "Step by Step: Kingdom of Heaven," learn the intricacies involved in producing this monumental film. Click here for full story.

    Job Fair 2005 - New Free Online Recruitment & Job Postings
    In 2005, ACM SIGGRAPH is partnering with Creative (an online recruitment software company specializing in the video game, animation and visual f/x, 3D technology, and software tools industries) to offer all SIGGRAPH 2005 exhibitor and job fair companies* free online recruitment services and all job seekers free online job search services. These complimentary services are available now. Click here for more information.

    The Art Institutes are returning to sponsor the ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 Job Fair for leading companies in all related ACM SIGGRAPH fields to discuss employment opportunities with thousands of SIGGRAPH 2005 attendees in a relaxed, informal setting. The Job Fair is 10 am - 4 pm Tuesday, 2 August and Wednesday, 3 August 2005. All registered SIGGRAPH 2005 attendees are welcome to attend this event, at no additional cost.

    For more details, click here.

    *Recruiter companies are excluded from becoming members of or participating in ACM SIGGRAPH/ free online recruitment services program.

    SIGGRAPH 2004 Conference DVDs Now Available

    Don't miss this opportunity to capture all the great content from SIGGRAPH 2004 on convenient and easy-to-use, searchable DVDs that are now available for purchase.

    ACM SIGGRAPH invites you to experience SIGGRAPH 2004 on your desktop or laptop via these six interactive DVD's with more than 400 internationally renowned speakers bringing you the latest research and advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

    Recorded sessions include presentations from Papers, Sketches, Special Sessions, Panels, Courses, Web Program, the Keynote Session, and much more.

    This stunning package includes a 24-page reference guide. The price is $269.95 for SIGGRAPH and ACM members. Quantities are limited. Click here to purchase or for more details.

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    Monthly Trivia Contest & Free Prizes

    How to Prove Your SIGGRAPH Knowledge
    Consider yourself a SIGGRAPH veteran? Think you know the industry better than anyone in your company? Now is your chance to put that knowledge to the test.  Each SIGGRAPHITTI features one industry-related trivia question that tests the depth of your knowledge pool. Get it right and increase your chances of staking your claim as an Ultimate SIGGRAPH Expert.

    All correct entries received by 10 June 2005 (5pm CST) will be entered into a pool and a winner will be selected at random. The next issue will feature the correct answer and that month's winner. Winners receive super-cool, official SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference Polos (a $35 value). Only contestants who attend SIGGRAPH 2005 are eligible. Prizes will be distributed at the conference.

    Last Month's SIGGRAPHITTI Trivia Challenge:

    Identify the first Virtual Reality model created, the creator, and the year of its creation.

    Answer: Virtual reality got it its start in 1968, when Sutherland created a three-dimensional head mount display. The display consisted of two miniature cathode ray tubes (CRTs)positioned in front of a viewer's left and right eyes. The CRTs displayed a pair of stereo images to the user. A sensor tracked head movements and sent the motion information to the computer. As the user moved about in an environment, the images on the CRT's changed to reflect the current position and direction of the viewer's head. (Source: Seminal Graphics: Pioneering Efforts That Shaped the Field).

    Congratulations to last month's winner Anne Spalter from Brown University - who was one of 3 correct entries (winner is randomly chosen from all winning entries).

    This Month's SIGGRAPHITTI Trivia Challenge is:

    Name the creator(s) of the environment mapping method and the year of its creation.

    To make your stand as an Ultimate SIGGRAPH Expert, submit your answer to with the subject line "Trivia Answer." Be sure to include your full name and company affiliation.

    Please note: Entries must be received by 10 June 2005 to be eligible for prize.

    Have an interesting trivia question to be considered for next month? We won't give you a prize, but we will publish your name and business in lights if we use it. Submit a trivia question to with the subject line "Trivia Question."

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