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Technical Content - Bring Your Brain to SIGGRAPH 2005
Diversity & Innovation Mark This Year's Emerging Technology Installations
SIGGRAPH 2005 Emerging Technologies exhibition will feature 32 interactive installations from research labs, universities, independent artists, and industries that explore the dynamics of technology as it relates to the human experience, communication, and interaction.

"Emerging Technologies continues to be a launching pad for new technologies or new ways to use technology either for the benefit of life or as a work of art," said Donna J. Cox, SIGGRAPH 2005 Emerging Technologies Chair from NCSA/University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "These installations take attendees on challenging virtual, interactive, communicative, or mental journeys - from hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro to Haptic Video.  Attendees will be challenged on how they think or look at the world around them."

Click here for Emerging Technology highlights.

Special Sessions Provide a Wide Spectrum of Topics
This year's Special Sessions offer a glimpse into the past, present, and future of digital technologies. Industry experts provide enlightening insights into the art, science, trends, and breakthrough concepts of the current and future state of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

"Special Sessions provide an incredible view of our exciting computer graphics industry," says Jill Smolin, SIGGRAPH 2005 Panels & Special Sessions Chair from The Gnomon Workshop.  "We go to the stars with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, play around with games, and even go 3D with 'Polar Express' in an offsite IMAX presentation. We glimpse the past, present, and future of Disney Animation, walk the runway with extreme fashion, and hear from the visual effects and animation masters who created all episodes of the legendary 'Star Wars' epic."

For more details, please click on any of the links below:

  • From the Earth to Infinity: Scientists From Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Reveal Secrets of the Universe Through Remarkable Images of Mars, Saturn, Earth, and the Deepest Reaches of Space 
  • Jump! Shout! Dance! Sing! An Interactive Conversation About Games, Game Art, and Play That Goes Way Beyond the Joystick 
  • A Star Wars Retrospective From Industrial Light & Magic: Environments, Space Battles, and the Characters Who Fought Them From 1977 to 2005 
  • The Legacy of Disney Animation: A Journey to the Past, Present and Future Through the Eyes of Disney Animators, Directors, Designers, and Storytellers 
  • Extreme Fashion: Designers, Artists, and Technologists Present a Glimpse Into the Place Where High Fashion Collides With High Technology
  • "The Polar Express": Artists and Technicians Reveal How They Transformed a 3D Train Ride Into a 3D Stereoscopic Adventure

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    Make Your Mark at SIGGRAPH 2005

    Still Seeking Professionals & Students to Get Involved
    You often hear that the most difficult part of a journey is the first few steps.  Now is the time to take those first few steps and be a part of the amazing world of SIGGRAPH.  Participants are still needed for SIGGRAPH 2005.  Submit your work to the following conference programs by the specified deadline or click on the link below for more information to get involved.

    13 April: Sketches
    11 May: Posters & Student Research Competition

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    Conference News
    Access Grids Makes its SIGGRAPH Debut in 2005
    The Access Grid, a collaboration technology that offers a unique and high-quality experience for users and participants of collaborations, makes its SIGGRAPH 2005 debut in Los Angeles, California. At SIGGRAPH, the Access Grid supports a global collaborative performance piece, international art panels, and multi-site community interaction. This emerging, scalable teleconferencing technology enables interaction between individual desktops, 3,000-person theaters, and everything in between.

    "We see this as a great opportunity to enable knowledge creation and SIGGRAPH learning in this unique and collaborative environment," said James L. Mohler, SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference Chair from Purdue University.

    SIGGRAPH 2005 Keynote Speaker Featured on "60 Minutes"
    World-renowned screenwriter and director George Lucas (who is presenting the SIGGRAPH 2005 keynote address, "George Lucas Tells All: A Keynote Q&A With the Father of Digital Cinema") was featured on the United States television news program, "60 Minutes" on 13 March 2005.  The coverage profiled Lucas' achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques as well as the upcoming release of his final segment to the "Star Wars" saga.

    For more information on Lucas as the SIGGRAPH 2005 keynote speaker, click here. 

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    Conference Registration & Housing
    Early-Bird Registration Still Available
    SIGGRAPH 2005 Registration is now open!  Register now and receive maximum early-bird discounts on the SIGGRAPH 2005 experience.  Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes.  Don't delay.  Click here to register.

    Book Your Hotel Through SIGGRAPH & Save
    Attendees who use the SIGGRAPH 2005 hotel-reservation system receive hotel discounts and a very rewarding booklet of discount coupons for downtown Los Angeles including:

  • The best coffee outlets
  • Excellent restaurants and bars
  • Most museums and concert halls
  • The best business centers
  • Exceptional salons and shops

    During the conference, the housing desk at the Los Angeles Convention Center will distribute the coupon booklet to attendees who book hotels through the system.  Click here for more details.

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    News, Notes & Miscellaneous
    Los Angeles Highlight - Take in Local Music @ SIGGRAPH 2005
    While in town for SIGGRAPH 2005, take a moment to appreciate all that Los Angeles has to offer. With abundant museums, restaurants, theatres, and cultural experiences, you'll never be at a loss for entertainment.

    For instance, spend a night at the Hollywood Bowl - one of the world's largest natural amphitheaters. Here's a brief line-up during SIGGRAPH 2005:

  • Sunday, 31 July, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra performs "Great American Concert: Great American Women," a tribute to and celebration of women in film, music, and theatre.
  • Tuesday, 2 August, the Hollywood Bowl features "Andre Watts Plays Brahms," with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
  • Wednesday, 3 August, featuring Chaka Khan and her selection of jazz standards.
  • Thursday, 4 August, enjoy a "Symphonie Fantastique," also featuring the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

    For more information on events in Los Angeles during SIGGRAPH 2005, click here.

    Animation in Focus
    In Millimeter's article "Tool Time at Pixar," read about the new Review Tool, its capabilities, the story behind its development, and the impact its creation could have on CG films to come.  Click here for full story.

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    Monthly Trivia Contest & Free Prizes
    How to Prove Your SIGGRAPH Knowledge
    Consider yourself a SIGGRAPH veteran?  Think you know the industry better than anyone in your company?  Now is your chance to put that knowledge to the test.  Each SIGGRAPHITTI features one industry-related trivia question that tests the depth of your knowledge pool.  Get it right and increase your chances of staking your claim as an Ultimate SIGGRAPH Expert.

    All correct entries received by 13 April 2005 (5 pm CST) will be entered into a pool and a winner will be selected at random.  The next issue will feature the correct answer and that month's winner.  Winners receive super-cool, official SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference Polos (a $35 value).  Only contestants who attend SIGGRAPH 2005 are eligible.  Prizes will be distributed at the conference.

    Last Month's SIGGRAPHITTI Trivia Challenge:

    In what year was the "Be Vision" package written, who wrote it and what is its significance?
    Weiss' BE VISION package, written in 1964, was the first to use hidden-line removal when displaying objects made from planes and quadric surfaces.  The software computed and displayed lines of intersection among objects. (from: Seminal Graphics: Pioneering Efforts That Shaped the Field)

    Congratulations to last month's winner Ken Fast of Electric Boat Corporation - who was one of 15 correct entries (winner is randomly chosen from all winning entries).

    This Month's SIGGRAPHITTI Trivia Question is:
    Name the person that created the first computer animation of a human face and the year of its creation.

    To make your stand as an Ultimate SIGGRAPH Expert, submit your answer to with the subject line "Trivia Answer." 

    Please note: Entries must be received by 13 April 2005 to be eligible for prize.

    Have an interesting trivia question to be considered for next month?  We won't give you a prize, but we will publish your name and business in lights if we use it.  Submit a trivia question to with the subject line "Trivia Question."

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