In this release of the "graphbib" search engine, both natural language and Boolean full-text searching are supported.

Results can be sorted by year of publication (in ascending or descending order), or by relevance (in ascending or descending order). Relevance sorting is not available in Boolean full-text search mode.

The default search mode is natural language full-text searching. One or more search terms are entered, and they are compared against the database. Any record which contains any of the search words is returned to the user. The relevance of a particular returned record is an indicator of how many of the search terms are represented in the record, and in what position.

Advanced searching may be accomplished by selecting the "Boolean" checkbox, which enables Boolean full-text searching. In this mode, the following operators can be employed in order to fine-tune the search process:

The following examples demonstrate the use of these operators.

'apple banana'
Find rows that contain at least one of the two words.
'+apple +juice'
Find rows that contain both words.
'+apple macintosh'
Find that contain the word 'apple,' but rank rows higher if they also contain the word 'macintosh.'
'+apple -macintosh'
Find rows that contain 'apple' but not 'macintosh.'

Note: the minimum word length for searching is currently four characters. Lowering this to three characters is under discussion. We do apologize for this small inconvenience.

For more information on full-text searching, please consult the MySQL documentation.