The "graphbib" project collects references to publications in the fields of computer graphics, computer animation and computer vision, and makes them available in an easily-searchable database. As of 27 March 2009, over 22,500 unique references have been included in this database.

Changes from the previous version of the search engine include a complete revamp of the query script, to more closely follow the MySQL query functionality, a redesigned visual interface and user interface, and a detailed page for individual search results.

Searching for three-letter tokens now supported.

References to articles found in ACM journals starting in 2007 (including ACM Transactions on Graphics) now include the article number and number of pages in the "pages" field: "pp. 11:1--11:18" is Article 11, which is 18 pages in length. This nomenclature maintains portability with existing BibTeX styles while encoding the unique article number and page count.

Contributors to this project include Pierre Poulin, Eric Haines, Carl Bass, Nelson H. F. Beebe, David E. Breen, Gerald Farin, Peter Fletcher, Bill Gates, Tonnie Geraets, Meg Geroch, Paul Heckbert, Jeff P. M. Hultquist, Bill Jones, Juhana Kouhia, Eugene Miya, Chandrasekhar Narayanaswami, Gregory Nielson, Gary Perlman, David F. Rogers, Philip J. Schneider, Rich Thomsen, and Tom Wilson. Steve Cunningham deserves special recognition, for suggesting that I work on this project, and for supporting my efforts with ACM SIGGRAPH over the years.

Comments and questions on this project should be directed to Stephen Spencer at