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Open Access to SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Conference Proceedings

Until the commencement of SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014, the ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013 conference proceedings will be available online for free through the open access links below. These links will only work when launched from SIGGRAPH.org.

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Dynamics for People, Plants and Clothes

(Session Chair: Baoquan Chen)

Analyzing growing plants from 4D point cloud data

Yangyan Li, Xiaochen Fan, Niloy J. Mitra, Daniel Chamovitz, Daniel Cohen-Or, Baoquan Chen

Reconstructing detailed dynamic face geometry from monocular video

Pablo Garrido, Levi Valgaert, Chenglei Wu, Christian Theobalt

Inverse dynamic hair modeling with frictional contact

Alexandre Derouet-Jourdan, Florence Bertails-Descoubes, Gilles Daviet, Joëlle Thollot

On-set performance capture of multiple actors with a stereo camera

Chenglei Wu, Carsten Stoll, Levi Valgaerts, Christian Theobalt

Light & Sound

Inverse volume rendering with material dictionaries

Ioannis Gkioulekas, Shuang Zhao, Kavita Bala, Todd Zickler, Anat Levin

Inverse bi-scale material design

Hongzhi Wu, Julie Dorsey, Holly Rushmeier

Joint importance sampling of low-order volumetric scattering

Iliyan Georgiev, Jaroslav Křivánek, Toshiya Hachisuka, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Wojciech Jarosz

Wave-ray coupling for interactive sound propagation in large complex scenes

Hengchin Yeh, Ravish Mehra, Zhimin Ren, Lakulish Antani, Dinesh Manocha, Ming Lin

Computational Photography

(Session Chair: Baoquan Chen)

PiCam: an ultra-thin high performance monolithic camera array

Kartik Venkataraman, Dan Lelescu, Jacques Duparré, Andrew McMahon, Gabriel Molina, Priyam Chatterjee, Robert Mullis, Shree Nayar

Coded time of flight cameras: sparse deconvolution to address multipath interference and recover time profiles

Achuta Kadambi, Refael Whyte, Ayush Bhandari, Lee Streeter, Christopher Barsi, Adrian Dorrington, Ramesh Raskar

Geometry Ops

(Session Chair: Hao (Richard) Zhang)

QEx: robust quad mesh extraction

Hans-Christian Ebke, David Bommes, Marcel Campen, Leif Kobbelt

Real-time 3D reconstruction at scale using voxel hashing

Matthias Nießner, Michael Zollhöfer, Shahram Izadi, Marc Stamminger

Saddle vertex graph (SVG): a novel solution to the discrete geodesic problem

Xiang Ying, Xiaoning Wang, Ying He

PolyCut: monotone graph-cuts for PolyCube base-complex construction

Marco Livesu, Nicholas Vining, Alla Sheffer, James Gregson, Riccardo Scateni

A compact random-access representation for urban modeling and rendering

Zhengzheng Kuang, Bin Chan, Yizhou Yu, Wenping Wang

Image Ops

Content-adaptive image downscaling

Johannes Kopf, Ariel Shamir, Pieter Peers

"Mind the gap": tele-registration for structure-driven image completion

Hui Huang, Kangxue Yin, Minglun Gong, Dani Lischinski, Daniel Cohen-Or, Uri Ascher, Baoquan Chen

A no-reference metric for evaluating the quality of motion deblurring

Yiming Liu, Jue Wang, Sunghyun Cho, Adam Finkelstein, Szymon Rusinkiewicz

Structure-preserving image smoothing via region covariances

Levent Karacan, Erkut Erdem, Aykut Erdem

Modeling Primitives

(Session Chair: Wenping Wang)

Cost-effective printing of 3D objects with skin-frame structures

Weiming Wang, Tuanfeng Y. Wang, Zhouwang Yang, Ligang Liu, Xin Tong, Weihua Tong, Jiansong Deng, Falai Chen, Xiuping Liu

Sphere-Meshes: shape approximation using spherical quadric error metrics

Jean-Marc Thiery, Émilie Guy, Tamy Boubekeur

Sparse localized deformation components

Thomas Neumann, Kiran Varanasi, Stephan Wenger, Markus Wacker, Marcus Magnor, Christian Theobalt

A general and efficient method for finding cycles in 3D curve networks

Yixin Zhuang, Ming Zou, Nathan Carr, Tao Ju

Urban pattern: layout design by hierarchical domain splitting

Yong-Liang Yang, Jun Wang, Etienne Vouga, Peter Wonka

Splashy, Sketchy Fluids

Versatile surface tension and adhesion for SPH fluids

Nadir Akinci, Gizem Akinci, Matthias Teschner

Spatio-temporal extrapolation for fluid animation

Yubo Zhang, Kwan-Liu Ma

Interactive localized liquid motion editing

Zherong Pan, Jin Huang, Yiying Tong, Changxi Zheng, Hujun Bao

Physics-based animation of large-scale splashing liquids

Dan Gerszewski, Adam W. Bargteil


(Session Chair: Kang Kang Yin)

Designing and fabricating mechanical automata from mocap sequences

Duygu Ceylan, Wilmot Li, Niloy J. Mitra, Maneesh Agrawala, Mark Pauly

3D self-portraits

Hao Li, Etienne Vouga, Anton Gudym, Linjie Luo, Jonathan T. Barron, Gleb Gusev

Anatomy transfer

Dicko Ali-Hamadi, Tiantian Liu, Benjamin Gilles, Ladislav Kavan, François Faure, Olivier Palombi, Marie-Paule Cani

Augmenting physical avatars using projector-based illumination

Amit Bermano, Philipp Brüschweiler, Anselm Grundhöfer, Daisuke Iwai, Bernd Bickel, Markus Gross

Shape and Machine Learning

Fine-grained semi-supervised labeling of large shape collections

Qi-Xing Huang, Hao Su, Leonidas Guibas

Efficient penetration depth approximation using active learning

Jia Pan, Xinyu Zhang, Dinesh Manocha

Projective analysis for 3D shape segmentation

Yunhai Wang, Minglun Gong, Tianhua Wang, Daniel Cohen-Or, Hao Zhang, Baoquan Chen

3D Wikipedia: using online text to automatically label and navigate reconstructed geometry

Bryan C. Russell, Ricardo Martin-Brualla, Daniel J. Butler, Steven M. Seitz, Luke Zettlemoyer

Image & Video Editing

Inverse image editing: recovering a semantic editing history from a before-and-after image pair

Shi-Min Hu, Kun Xu, Li-Qian Ma, Bin Liu, Bi-Ye Jiang, Jue Wang

3-Sweep: extracting editable objects from a single photo

Tao Chen, Zhe Zhu, Ariel Shamir, Shi-Min Hu, Daniel Cohen-Or

PatchNet: a patch-based image representation for interactive library-driven image editing

Shi-Min Hu, Fang-Lue Zhang, Miao Wang, Ralph R. Martin, Jue Wang

A sparse control model for image and video editing

Li Xu, Qiong Yan, Jiaya Jia

WYSIWYG computational photography via viewfinder editing

Jongmin Baek, Dawid Pająk, Kihwan Kim, Kari Pulli, Marc Levoy


(Session Chair: T. T. Wong)

Image-based rendering in the gradient domain

Johannes Kopf, Fabian Langguth, Daniel Scharstein, Richard Szeliski, Michael Goesele

Data-driven hallucination of different times of day from a single outdoor photo

Yichang Shih, Sylvain Paris, Frédo Durand, William T. Freeman

Automatic noise modeling for ghost-free HDR reconstruction

Miguel Granados, Kwang In Kim, James Tompkin, Christian Theobalt

Patch-based high dynamic range video

Nima Khademi Kalantari, Eli Shechtman, Connelly Barnes, Soheil Darabi, Dan B. Goldman, Pradeep Sen

Modeling Humans

(Session Chair: Kang Kang Yin)

Animating human lower limbs using contact-invariant optimization

Igor Mordatch, Jack M. Wang, Emanuel Todorov, Vladlen Koltun

Evaluating the distinctiveness and attractiveness of human motions on realistic virtual bodies

Ludovic Hoyet, Kenneth Ryall, Katja Zibrek, Hwangpil Park, Jehee Lee, Jessica Hodgins, Carol O'Sullivan

The line of action: an intuitive interface for expressive character posing

Martin Guay, Marie-Paule Cani, Rémi Ronfard

Flexible muscle-based locomotion for bipedal creatures

Thomas Geijtenbeek, Michiel van de Panne, A. Frank van der Stappen

Robust realtime physics-based motion control for human grasping

Wenping Zhao, Jianjie Zhang, Jianyuan Min, Jinxiang Chai

Fast, Cheap and Out-of-Core Rendering

(Session Chair: Derek Nowrouzezahrai)

On-the-fly multi-scale infinite texturing from example

Kenneth Vanhoey, Basile Sauvage, Frédéric Larue, Jean-Michel Dischler

Anisotropic spherical Gaussians

Kun Xu, Wei-Lun Sun, Zhao Dong, Dan-Yong Zhao, Run-Dong Wu, Shi-Min Hu

GPU-based out-of-core many-lights rendering

Rui Wang, Yuchi Huo, Yazhen Yuan, Kun Zhou, Wei Hua, Hujun Bao

Linear efficient antialiased displacement and reflectance mapping

Jonathan Dupuy, Eric Heitz, Jean-Claude Iehl, Pierre Poulin, Fabrice Neyret, Victor Ostromoukhov

Dressing and Jiggling Soft Bodies

Modeling and estimation of internal friction in cloth

Eder Miguel, Rasmus Tamstorf, Derek Bradley, Sara C. Schvartzman, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Bernd Bickel, Wojciech Matusik, Steve Marschner, Miguel A. Otaduy

An efficient construction of reduced deformable objects

Christoph von Tycowicz, Christian Schulz, Hans-Peter Seidel, Klaus Hildebrandt

Fast simulation of mass-spring systems

Tiantian Liu, Adam W. Bargteil, James F. O'Brien, Ladislav Kavan

Simulation and control of skeleton-driven soft body characters

Libin Liu, KangKang Yin, Bin Wang, Baining Guo

Rendering and Thinking Inside the Box

Bilateral blue noise sampling

Jiating Chen, Xiaoyin Ge, Li-Yi Wei, Bin Wang, Yusu Wang, Huamin Wang, Yun Fei, Kang-Lai Qian, Jun-Hai Yong, Wenping Wang

Halftone QR codes

Hung-Kuo Chu, Chia-Sheng Chang, Ruen-Rone Lee, Niloy J. Mitra

Interactive by-example design of artistic packing layouts

Bernhard Reinert, Tobias Ritschel, Hans-Peter Seidel

Biharmonic diffusion curve images from boundary elements

Peter Ilbery, Luke Kendall, Cyril Concolato, Michael McCosker

Eyes Wide Open

Near-eye light field displays

Douglas Lanman, David Luebke

Joint view expansion and filtering for automultiscopic 3D displays

Piotr Didyk, Pitchaya Sitthi-Amorn, William Freeman, Frédo Durand, Wojciech Matusik

A metric of visual comfort for stereoscopic motion

Song-Pei Du, Belen Masia, Shi-Min Hu, Diego Gutierrez

Stereoscopizing cel animations

Xueting Liu, Xiangyu Mao, Xuan Yang, Linling Zhang, Tien-Tsin Wong