• 3D Scanning Goes Presidential

    Photo: White House

    How the Smithsonian and USC Institute for Creative Technologies worked together to create the first-ever 3D presidential portrait.

  • Submit to SIGGRAPH 2015

    Posters at SIGGRAPH 2014. Image by John M. Fujii, Copyright © ACM SIGGRAPH.

    There are dozens of ways to showcase your knowledge, talent and technical skill at SIGGRAPH 2015. The call for submissions is now open, with technical papers due by January 19 -- so don't delay!

  • Destruction at its Best

    Copyright © 2014 Bugbear Entertainment Ltd

    The realistic visualization of destruction -- of epic proportions -- is the cornerstone of the high-speed racing game, "Next Car Game."  ACM SIGGRAPH writer Cody Welsh takes a closer look at the engine behind the game's stunning graphics.

  • Bringing CG Apes to Life

    Image Copyright © 2014 20th Century Fox

    ACM Computers in Entertainment correspondent Chris Davidson and VFX legend Joe Letteri talk about Weta Digital's work on the blockbuster movie "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."

  • Augmented Reality Sandbox

    Photo: Oliver Kreylos, UC Davis

    Earth science visualization meets augmented reality with this innovative project from UC Davis researchers. Using free and adapted technology, the AR Sandbox project turns a simple sandbox into a colorful geologic playground.

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Seventh International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence

Lisbon, Portugal

10 to 12

Fourth International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Methods

Lisbon, Portugal

18 to 20

Second International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Analysis

Sousse, Tunisia

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Sensitivity-optimized rigging for example-based real-time clothing synthesis

This paper from SIGGRAPH 2014 presents a real-time solution for generating detailed clothing deformations from pre-computed clothing shape examples.

Reconstructing detailed dynamic face geometry from monocular video

This paper from SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 describes how to capture detailed, dynamic, spatio-temporally coherent 3D face geometry without markers.

Make it stand: balancing shapes for 3D fabrication

This paper from SIGGRAPH 2013 proposes a technique for modifing the volume of objects, while preserving surface details, to produce 3D-printed shapes that will not fall over.

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