Confusing Interfaces
Too much information (break the info into logical chunks)
Not enough Information (provide info on how to navigate)
Navigational indicators not clear (confusion)
Too many links (breaks the train of thought)
Not enough links (can't figure out what to do)
The more complex, the more need for a good navigation system

Organizing information - map of the structure - hierarchies

Image maps (borders / no borders) - menu bars

Graphical icons and text links - links (to what and why)

Previous/next as well as main topics on each page
Placement of navigation buttons - top/bottom
Intuitive navigational buttons - use metaphors
Visual clues (3d icon - round rect)
Text with image (Click here)
Border for links - factor it into the design

2 pixels wide - color of link or vlink
Border tells us its clickable - visual clue

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Bonnie Mitchell - Syracuse University - College of Visual and Performing Art
SIGCSE Conference Barcelona, 1996