Technical Sketches

Sketches were a tremendous success this year. Attendance was up by about 100 percent over last year, a sure sign that sketches are coming of age and becoming part of the mainstream in the annual SIGGRAPH conference.

Technical Sketches meshed very nicely with the Papers session. For maximum impact, many complementary Sketches sessions were scheduled immediately before the corresponding Papers session. These events typically had between 100 and 200 attendees, with very informal and lively audience-speaker interaction.

Don't miss the Sketches innovation for SIGGRAPH 96: extended abstracts of published Sketches, in the Visual Proceedings.

David Ebert, SIGGRAPH 97 Sketches Chair, aims to double submissions and attendance. Remember: Sketches are designed to be inclusive, so please submit one or more to SIGGRAPH 97! Acceptance rates are much higher than in other SIGGRAPH programs.

Ken Musgrave
SIGGRAPH 96 Sketches Chair

Technical Sketches Committee | SIGGRAPH 97 Call for Participation - Sketches


Autographic Halftoning for Artist-Printmakers

Implementing the Four Perspectives of Renaissance Painters

"Toon Shaders" for Simulating Cel Animation

Traditional Cel Animation Look with 3D Renderers


D-NURBS for Physics-Based Shape Modeling

Efficient Sampling of CSG Models

Surface Simplification Inside a Tolerance Volume

Geometry and Dynamics

Fast and Accurate Computation of Polyhedral Mass Properties

Marching Cubes in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates

Real-Time Collision Detection for Motion Simulation within Complex Environments

The Average Window is Small

Human Figure Animation

Efficient Dynamic Simulation and Control of Articulated Figures

Modeling of Expressive Movement of Musicians


Fast Soft Shadows

Random Caustics: Natural Textures and Wave Theory Revisited

Simulated Photographic Development of Synthetic Images

Image-based Modeling

Automatic Video Tracking by Probabilistic Propagation

Constructing 3D Object Models from Photographs

Hi-Lo Stereo Fusion

Vision-Based Modeling for Production-Quality Integration of Photographic Imagery and 3D Graphics


Physically-Based Modeling in Information Categorization

Visualizing WWW Document Term Relations

WebToons: A Method for Organizing and Humanizing Web Documents

Level of Detail

Effective Removal of Detail for a Multi-Resolution Viewer

Finding the Target for Level of Detail Management

Multi-Scale Viewing


A New Growing Algorithm to Determine the Topology of Serially Sectioned Objects

Creating Volume-Based Virtual Anatomy for Bioengineering Analysis

Modeling of Human Jaw Motion in Sliding Contact

Modeling and Rendering

A Spatially and Temporally Coherent Object-Space Visibility Algorithm

Fast and Flexible Polygonization of Height Fields

Fast Rendering of Subdivision Surfaces

Stripe: A Software Tool For Efficient Triangle Strips

Motion Capture

Visually Animated Characters

Natural Phenomena

Controlling Fluid Animation

Interactive Modeling of Branching Structures

Terrain Modeling with Semantic Features

Virtual Reality

A Networked Virtual Skiing System

Distributed ALIVE

Distributed, Physically-Based VR with Tactile Feedback

The Go-Go Interaction Technique for Direct Manipulation of VR


Cogito: A System for Computer-Aided Visualization


Interacting with Virtual Gorillas: Investigating the Educational Use of Virtual Reality

PAVE: A Distributed Visualization Application to Support Environmental Decision Making

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