Free tatoos were offered to the bold and willing at the job fair, compliments of High Voltage Game Studios and Allen Addington
- photo by Wade Ammon

Game-themed tattoos offered at the Job Fair

What do you get when you cross the brave spirit of a game artist, the creativity of SIGGRAPH, and the unemployed? Amoung the long list of things that come to mind, the need to express oneself is certainly near the top. At least that is what tatoo artist Allen Addington and Eric Nofsinger VP of Creative Content at High-Voltage Games thought.

"Long time friends and earlier expressing themselves musically with an industrial flair, they were inviting the bravest and boldest to commit to what some see as the ultimate in expression. The willing signed up well in advance for the hour long session to act as Allens human canvas. Some brought their own designs, but many signed up for the designs on display at the high-voltage booth. Symbols ranking from the Nintendo Gamecube "G" to the familiar pixelated invaders of classic Space Invaders were amoung the designs to choose from.

"I am all about the sports games" said Tim Lateletter as he went through carefull preparation with Allen for his session. By the end of the day Wednesday, nearly 30 people had taken advantage of these free hour long sessions. By the end of the conference some 40 people were expected to have had the opportunity to permanently show their commitment to games and the attitude that comes with it.

Tim Linklater bravely getting prepared for the
steady hand of tatoo artist Allen Addington.
- photo by Wade Ammon






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