Attendees at the annual Sake Party listen to a performance
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Day 1, Sunday, August 8

The first full day of the conference has begun, and my first mission is to get my name out there. The Job Fair and Exhibition Floor don't open until Tuesday, but their are other avenues for getting exposure. I drop by the "resume wall" to try and snag a good spot on the pin up board and tack on a few business cards. Before leaving for the conference I made sure to slap together a few dozen homemade business cards. Networking at SIGGRAPH is a biggie, you never who you'll meet that might be able to help you out sometime. Some good networking opportunities are the Birds of Feather meetings throughout the week which are basically organized schmoozing sessions on specific topics, that give attendees an opportunity to rub elbows with some of the experts in the field in a more informal setting than the courses, panels, and paper sessions. And of course, the next great place to network are the parties. You can even gain leverage sometimes if you happen to see a future employer who's maybe downed one too many cocktails. Finding those parties is a little more difficult and may require some clever networking with the right people, but this year's wiki has turned into a great resource for finding those coveted parties. Some of the big ones require invitation only or pre-event online registration, but many payoff with tons of freebies in the form of tshirts, raffle prizes, drink coupons, and an occasional big performance by guys like DJ Dangermouse and Crystal Method. The conference sanctioned parties are always a blast too, like the SAKE party, Chapters party, and Reception. But this article isn't about parties, it's about finding a job. Remember to have a good time, but keep somewhat professional and always carry along a nice stack of business cards.




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