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10-AUG-01, her we go, ready or not!!!


After rereading my first eMail, it seems my tone was a little harsh. My goal at SIGGRAPH it to guide you, the reporters, to capture the best parts of being at SIGGRAPH in a website. This is the first year this is being attempted, and I'd love to do a great job. SIGGRAPH is a tough crowd, things have to be great at SIGGRAPH or they get passed by pretty quickly. In order for you to convey how cool SIGGRAPH is, you need to experience it. My feeling now is that you should spend half of you time experiencing and half writing.

SIGGRAPH is intense and extremely cool. It is fun to have something good to show people. If we do this website well, you will all have more doors open for you in the SIGGRAPH community. That's a very good thing.


I'd like us to have 3 major meetings and 3 or 4 shorter meetings. Saturday night 6PM for dinner & first major meeting.
Sunday morning, short meeting, get credentials, get oriented.
Monday 6:30 PM Figueroa. short status meeting, then go to reception.
Tuesday - meet individually depending on needs.
Wednesday evening - this is where we will know what we are creating and how to make it really cool.
Thursday - short status before reception.
Friday, meet to gather "the coolest thing you've seen", the "major themes of S2001",

The general schedule for SIGGRAPH is split into the following time blocks: 8:30+, 10+, lunch (12:15+), 2, 4, 6-8, night

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Meet 9AM. go to south lobby office.
Courses Courses HN: Keynote CL: NonLinear Anim
BW: Measurement
???: :-O Conversation
BW: Illum Textures
BW: Public Policy 32: NPR & Viz JR:Culture
AF: Volume Graphing
BW:Video Game
JR:Net Appliance
FC: Games Stories
HN:IBR Model
BW: Hands Words
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Special Session
Cameras to office!!!
JR: Tracking FC:Games&Viz
HN:Digital Film
BW:Reality Based
AF:Skills Tools
BW: Copyright
AF: Light Matter
???: Art in Space
JR:Viz, Semantics
CL:HW Render
???: Color Creativity
FC: Point Based Render
HN:Immerse Anxiety
BW: Faux Physics
Finish reports.
JR: Art Gallery
FC: eTech
very breif. 5:30 PM.
Movies Major Meeting

7PM South Lobby Office

Meeting Close down shop.
Dinner Reception Movies Dinner with reporters. Reception Wrap Party

Find  Jim Blinn's Corner: Dirty Pixels and read Chapter 18 "How to attend a SIGGRAPH conference"

Check here for the assignments and schedule.

Forrester's new template proposal

Ben's initial template proposal

Longer Assignments:

        Jennifer Recknagel <>

1 long piece - the main piece on Art Gallery: N-Space
1 long piece on tracking, or perhaps shorter on tracking and cover some
other courses type stuff.

        Clarrisa Lingas <>

1 long piece on the animation festival
1 long piece on the CAL & good courses.
2 interviews

        Forrester Cole <>

1 long piece on simulation
1 long piece on eTech - the emerging technologies area
web work.

        Hal Newnan <>

1 long piece on the educators program
several pieces on pathfinders, sketches and applications.
2 interviews

        Anders Frick <>

1 long piece on the international angle -
1 long piece on Sketches & Applications
2 interviews. dba

        'Ben Wyrick' <>

1 long piece on public policy & copyright, etc.
other long piece?
2 interviews

Standard interview questions.

What first drew you to computer graphics?
Do you have any favorite CG mentors?
What was the first time you contributed to SIGGRAPH?
What year/city was your first SIGGRAPH? Which was most intense? Why?
What contributions to SIGGRAPH are you most proud of?
What's your favorite thing at this year or last year's SIGGRAPH?"
What near/intermediate developments in CG do you look forward to?

Paul Debevec  The Significant New Researcher Award

 Andy Witkin   The Computer Graphics Achievement Award

 Lance Williams The Steven Anson Coons Award for Outstanding
                             Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics

Other things to report on.

At SIGGRAPH 2001, on Thursday August 16th from 12:15pm-1:30pm, we'll be
holding the ACM SIGGRAPH Forum.  This yearly event is primarily there to
help us promote our programs and to recruit volunteers to help us expand
them in the future!  This year the event will be held in the ACM
SIGGRAPH Booth in the South Lobby of LACC.

T-Shirt contest.
Describe the conference attendees stuff, proceedings, etc.
the saki barrel thing on Sunday
The poolside at the Figueroa
little snippets of courses
BOFs -
Sketches &  Applications
the long walk from the technical side to the other side of the convention center.

                                              Birds of a Feather
                                              Career Center
                                              Computer Animation Festival 2001: A Digital
                                              Creative Applications Lab
                                              Emerging Technologies
                                              Exhibitor Forums
                                              Fundamentals Seminar
                                              International Resources
                                              Job Fair
                                              Keynote Address/Awards
                                              SIGGRAPH Online
                                              SIGGRAPH TV
                                              Special Sessions
                                              The Studio

Reports from SIGGRAPH