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ACM SIGGRAPH Web Resources: Institutions

Do you know a link we should add to this list?  If it's not already on the site, please send the URL, a description, up to 5 relevant keywords, and the location of the organization if applicable to The site should be accurate, impartial and relevant to the CG community. Other Web Resource Categories
    NewMEDIA Employment Centre
      NMEC is a FREE, employment resource centre for persons seeking employment, specializing in new media/animation and design, a project Coordinated by the Centre for Education and Training and funded by Human Resources Development Canada.
      Location: Canada
    Virtuality Conference (Italy)
      Virtuality is a premiere international event on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 3D Animation, Gaming and VFX, held in Italy.
      Keywords: Digital Cinema, Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, 3D Animation, Video Games, Visual Effects
      Location: Turin, Italy
      ACM SIGGRAPH promotes the acquisition and exchange of information and opinion on the theory, design, implementation, and application of computer-generated graphics and interactive techniques. On the site web we can found, for example, a calendar of CG events, on-line publications avaliable for the members, chapters on education, etc.
      Keywords: education, conferences, publications
      Location: USA
    CCG - Computer Graphics Center
      The Computer Graphics Center (Centro de Computacao Grafica - CCG) is located in Coimbra, Portugal. Since 1993 research and development are done in the fields of virtual reality, multimedia systems, electronic commerce and many others. It is supported by a number of associations and is linked to the first International Computer Graphics Centers Network, INI-GraphicsNet.
      Keywords: virtual reality, multimedia systems, electronic commerce
      Location: Coimbra, Portugal
    Digital Imaging Group
      Website of the Digital Imaging Group, a consortium engaged in the development and introduction of innovative digital imaging standards and technologies.
      Keywords: institution, imaging, image compression
      Location: California, USA
      Eurographics is the European Association for Computer Graphics. Eurographics provides many different activities and informations, such as the annual conference, on-line publications for the members, workshops,etc.
      Location: Europe
    Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics
      The main activities of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD) are the development of product prototypes (hardware and software) and the realization of concepts, models, and solutions for computer graphics and its adaption to specific application requirements.
      Keywords: prototypes, human-centred design
      Location: Darmstadt, Germany
      Graphics vision and robotics institute. Parent organization of iMAGIS, MOVI, PRIMA, SHARP, ViS.
      Keywords: vision, robotics
      Location: Grenoble, France
      Audiovisual and 3D animation institute, sponsor of conferences and workshops.
      Keywords: Animation
      Location: Paris, France; Monaco
      Research organization, virtual prototypes, geometric models, algorithms.
      Location: Montbonnot Saint Martin, France
      International organization of universities and institutes for advanced education, training and applied and basic graphics research.
      Keywords: education, training, research
      Location: Portugal; Germany; USA; Singapore
      This project considers all methods needed for producing sequences of computer-generated images. There are three key tracks: computer graphics, where we are seeking to define algorithms; simulation, with the aim of matching our algorithms against numerical values measured on a real site; the system organization to process "life-size" cases and validate our approach by implementing them.
      Keywords: modeling, simulation
      Location: Rennes, France
    ISA - Image Synthesis and Analysis
      Research on surface and volume reconstruction, solid geometry, realistic rendering, real-time graphics, 2D/3D image composition, graphics recognition.
      Keywords: rendering, surface, solid geometry
      Location: Nancy, France
    Israeli Computer Vision
      Image Synthesis Animation, Modeling and Simulation, Hebrew, Technion CS/EE, Tel Aviv, Weizmann.
      Keywords: computer vision, image processing
      Location: Israel
      Institute founded in 1996 on the base of Ural State Technical University (USTU). Our task is the development of technologies and concepts, connected with reconstruction of various human activities and environment.
      Keywords: image analysis, modeling
      Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
    Smithsonian Institute
      Major institution site for Graphics and Photographs
      Keywords: Graphics and Photographs
      Location: Washington, USA
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    Virtual Reality Society
      The Virtual Reality Society (VRS) is an international society dedicated to the discussion and advancement of virtual reality and synthetic environments. Its activities include the publication of an international journal, the organization of special interest groups, conferences, seminars and tutorials.
      Keywords: virtual reality
      Location: virtual reality
    Web3D Consortium
      This is the home page for the Web3D consortium.  It has specifications and news about the consortium and it's specifications including the VRML specifications.
      Keywords: web, internet, VRML
    3D Graphixtech
      3D graphics program offered by the Learning Technology Department at NBCC Miramichi, with more than five years of experience in training for multimedia, the game biz, and 3D graphics, the LT staff can help you build the skills you need to start your new career.
      Keywords: 3D college school Lightwave MAX
      Location: Canada
    Animation Mentor
      Animation Mentor is the online character animation school founded by Bobby Beck (former animator and character developer at Pixar), Carlos Baena (animator, Pixar) and Shawn Kelly (animator, ILM). The school graduated its first class in September 06
      Keywords: character animation online school
      Location: The Net!
    Learning Tree University
      LTU is a nationally accredited, Professional Continuing Education institution with two on-ground campuses, located in Southern California, and iUniversity, which was developed to bring professional courses and certifications online with instructor-led training. The Art and Design department consists of 8 certificate programs and over 35 courses for design professionals.
      Keywords: Graphic Design, Web, Education, Online Courses
      Location: California , USA
    The Art Institute Online
      Offering 13 degree and diploma programs in creative arts online.
      Keywords: graphic design, web design, digital design, game design, animation, interior design
      Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
    Vancouver Film School
      Media production training, courses cover new media and internet applications.
      Location: Vancouver, Canada
    Video Symphony
      Since 1994, Video Symphony has trained thousands of Hollywood editors, animators and digital artists. More than 300 corporate clients have relied on VS for primary training and upgrade classes, including major motion picture studios, all the TV networks, and scores of production companies. We have also trained hundreds of freelance professionals, and we enjoy strong relationships with the major craft unions.
      Location: California, USA
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