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ACM SIGGRAPH Web Resources: Learning on the Web

Do you know a link we should add to this list?  If it's not already on the site, please send the URL, a description, up to 5 relevant keywords, and the location of the organization if applicable to The site should be accurate, impartial and relevant to the CG community. Other Web Resource Categories
    Numerical Recipes
      This is the home page for the well-known numerical recipes books in C, Fortran, and other languages. Free downloads of PDFs of the books are currently available, as is online purchase of the source code.
      Keywords: Numerical Algorithms
      Location: Cambridge, England
    Computer Animation
      Computer animation and graphics with evolution, tools, and applications.
      Keywords: Computer Animation and Graphics
    CG Publication List from SIGGRAPH
      Computer Graphics Bibliography Database, 18,000 entries
      Keywords: bibliography search, publication links
      Location: USA
      publishers book and on-line journals
      Keywords: bibliography search, publication links
      Location: Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro
Collision Detection Color Theory
    Color Matters
      J.L Morton's site for color theory information and links
      Keywords: color
      Location: Hawaii, USA
    Digital Color Converter
      Flash 5 application designed to help people understand the relationships between the RGB, CMY, HSB/HSV and HLS (hexacone) color models.
      Keywords: color models, color, digital color, RGB, HLS, HSB
      Location: Indiana, USA
    3D Graphics Compression Homepage
      A resource page for 3D Graphics compression information maintained by Davids King at the Georgia Tech GVU Center.
      Keywords: graphics compression
      Location: Georgia, USA
Computer Graphics History
    Digital Mona Lisa
      A site dedicated to the early piece of computer graphics called the Digital Mona Lisa, which was featured in Ted Nelson’s Dream Machines/Computer Lib book.
      Keywords: mona lisa early computer graphics
      Location: Rochester, NY, USA
Computer-Human Interface
      University of Maryland's Human-Computer interaction lab, research, publications
      Keywords: Human-computer interaction
      Location: Maryland, USA
    MIT Open Courseware
      Course materials from MIT undergraduate and graduate computer science courses.
      Keywords: Computer science, algorithms, graphics
      Location: Cambridge, MA, USA (MIT)
    NLE Buyers Guide
      Buyers guide to nonlinear video editing systems and disk recorders/servers for editing
      Keywords: nonlinear video editing
    3D Engines List
      The 3D Engines List tries to provide an overview of software 3D engines for real time graphics and VR on various platforms. Each engine is reviewed with a list of features, contact information (email, link to homepage) and links to download a demo or the source. There are currently 631 engines on the 3DEL.
      Keywords: Real time graphics software, Virtual Reality software
      Location: Berlin, Germany
    3D Up
      Computer Graphics portal.
      Keywords: resources
      Location: Spain
      Many discussion forums, information on 3D hardware and software, and tutorials on all the major CG software packages and graphics book sales.
      Keywords: Graphics forums, 3D hardware, 3D software, tutorials, books
      Location: Ontario, Canada was created to document and promote technologies that will lead to Virtual Reality and 3D content being as commonplace as web technologies are today. We see "The Web in 3D" as being the next logical step in the evolution of online content. With so many new products being developed at the same time we try and focus on those that have a good chance of becoming standards in the future.
      Keywords: Virtual Reality, animation
    Animation World Network
      Provides readers with a wide range of information pertaining to all aspects of animation: animator profiles, independent film distribution, commercial Studio activities, CGI and other animation technologies, as well as in-depth coverage of current events in all fields of animation.
      Keywords: resources
    Beyond 3D
      Mission is to deliver a honest, non biased view on 3d architectures, technologyy, software and hardware.
      Keywords: resources
    Brown University Exploratories
      This is a collection of Java applets for learning about Computer Graphics, including Color Theory, Imaging (convolution and filters), Graphics Math (dot products, coordinate systems, splines), and scene management.
      Keywords: Computer Graphics, Java, applets, exploration, learning, splines, color theory, convolution, filters
      Location: Rhode Island, USA
    CG India
      CG India, Provides the Most Comprehensive content and on-line News services for the computer graphics professionals, animators, architects and designers to Spark Creativity................. "Quality content : Continuously updated all day, every day!"
      Keywords: CG India , CG, News, Computer Graphics, Animation, India
      Your hub for the Computer Graphics Industry. By Artists, for Artists, Max, Maya, Lightwave, SoftImage, to meshes and textures, we have the resources you are looking for
      Keywords: 3D, CG, news, gallery, resources
      COLLADA (a shortened form of Collaborative Design Activity) defines an XML-based schema to enable 3-D authoring applications to exchange digital assets without loss of information. It has support from many tools vendors and user organizations.
      Keywords: Collada 3D assets file format
      Related Links:
      This is a great, eclectic listing of topics related to computer graphics research, algorithmic art, and other worthwhile pursuits.
      Links to FAQS on graphics algorithms, graphics file formats, OpenGL, ray tracing, graphics utilities.
    Geocites Graphic Web Site
      Major site on using Graphics for the Web
      Keywords: Graphics on the Web
      Related Links:
      GeoVRML is an official Working Group of the Web3D Consortium. It was formed on 27 Feb 1998 with the goal of developing tools and recommended practice for the representation of geographical data using the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).
      Keywords: VRML
    Historical Timeline
      The Historical Timeline of Computer Graphics evolution.
      Location: Ohio, USA
      Resources on global illumination
      Keywords: rendering, illumination
      Resource for computer graphic artists, including news, tutorials and tips, tools, gallery, and user discussions.
      Keywords: resources, 3D discussion, gallery, tutorials, tools
    Lighlink Graphics Design
      Over 15 url resources for graphic and web site design.
      Keywords: Graphic and Web Site Design
      Related Links:
      pixElite provides a database for computer graphics related internet resources and a forum for both programmers and users
      Keywords: Programming, CG Theory, Geometry, Algorithms, Tutorials
    Visual Effects Resources Center
      The companies, the jobs, the events, links to visual effects tutorials.
    Web 3D RoundUP
      The home page of the semi-annual Web 3D RoundUP, held at the annual SIGGRAPH conference and at the Web 3D conference.
      Keywords: web
    Web Reference
      The Webmaster's Reference Library Tutorials on animation and graphics for the web. 3D tutorial that teaches the principles behind animating 3D graphics for the Web. Book reviews and articles.
      Keywords: html, xml, web graphics, tutorials
    The Geometry Center
      links to projects and resources on the use of technology to visualize and communicate mathematics and related sciences.
      Keywords: visualization
      Location: Minnesota, USA
Graphics File Formats
      archive of specifications for various graphics file formats
      Keywords: graphics file formats
      Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
    Graphics on the Web
      How to use Graphics Formats on the Web
      Keywords: graphics file formats, web
      Related Links:
    Ascend Training for Multimedia
      Graphics, Web, and Multimedia Workshops
      Keywords: Multimedia Training for Graphics
      Related Links:
    Fine Structure Constant
      Solution to a 20th century mystery. Feynman's conjecture of a relation between alpha, the fine structure constant, and pi. The formula for alpha and some of its consequences.
      Keywords: Fine Structure Constant, alpha, pi, Feynman
    Wavelet Digest
      This is an archive of a free monthly email newsletter from folks utilizing Wavelets across many different application areas, including but not limited to computer graphics.
      Keywords: wavelets, mathematics
      Location: New Jersey, USA
Motion Capture
    Motion Capture Links
      Motion Capture links for hardware, software, research groups, etc.
      Keywords: motion capture
      Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    Lightwave Tutorials
      Several tutorials for new users of Lightwave 3D, or users new to Lightwave 6. Also some Painter and Aura tutorials
      The official page of the Lightwave creators
      Keywords: modeling, animation
      Location: Texas, USA
      he official page of OpenGL.
      Keywords: OpenGL, examples, tutorials
      Location: USA
      Pixar's RenderMan is the core rendering technology that enable the creation of photorealistic 3-D scene.
      Keywords: animation, rendering
      Location: California, USA
      Related Links:
Radiosity Ray Tracing Virtual Reality
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