SIGGRAPHSIGGRAPH Conference Student Volunteer Chair Form

Consider offering your talents, your creativity, and your skills to help push the boundaries of the computer graphics field, showcase new technologies, and awake new opportunities. Be at the center of activity and help lead the way into the next generation of computer graphics by volunteering for a conference committee or subcommittee.

The SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer Chair is responsible for the planning, selection process, and management of the annual conference student volunteer program. The Student Volunteer Chair works closely with the Conference Chair, the Chief Staff Executive (CSE), volunteers, and contractors to create a volunteer program that both supports the operational needs of the conference and provides a positive educational experience for the students.

When you complete the following application form your responses will be forwarded to the conference organizers, including all current Conference Chairs.

As a Student Volunteer Chair, you will:

  • Participate in decisions and strategic development for the conference
  • Work with other dedicated, talented, inspirational leaders in the industry or academia
  • Be instrumental in setting the conference vision
  • Cultivate your management skills by identifying and leading a subcommittee and/or on-site volunteers
  • When you complete the following application form and select Volunteer, your responses will be forwarded to the conference organizers, including all current Conference Chairs.

Please fill out the fields labeled in blue at a minimum.

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In what area of the conference would you like to participate?
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Which conference do you wish to volunteer for?

SIGGRAPH the year after next

Future SIGGRAPH conferences

Discuss your vision for the Student Volunteers program.

Why do you want to participate?

Do you hold or have you applied for any other volunteer position within SIGGRAPH? If so, please list.

What support/constraints can you expect from your employer/family?

How much time (average & peak) can you spend on SIGGRAPH over the next 24 months?


Background, Expertise, and Experience

Please list any relevant SIGGRAPH, other conference, organization and/or volunteer experience (duties and responsibilities).

How long have you been attending SIGGRAPH annual conferences?

Please list any relevant professional experience (including management, business and policy development, research, technical, computer graphics,etc.).

List any other interests, skills, experiences, or resources that you feel would be appropriate to include?

References (names and contact information for professionals who are familiar with your record)


A copy of this application form will be emailed to conference organizers, and you will be contacted with additional information. Thank you for your interest in volunteering for SIGGRAPH. Please direct any questions to us.

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