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Co-Locating a Symposium or Conference with SIGGRAPH

Forms Required to Co-Locate with SIGGRAPH

How to Co-Locate with SIGGRAPH 2015

Are you interested in co-locating a symposium or conference with SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles?

First, your event must be approved by the ACM SIGGRAPH Small Conferences Committee. This will require filing both a PAF (Preliminary Approval Form) and a TMRF (Technical Meeting Request Form) to get a budget approved.

Once your symposium or conference is approved by the ACM SIGGRAPH Small Conference Committee, it will be forwarded to the Conference Advisory Group for its approval.

If you would like to host your event in the Los Angeles Convention Centre, the Space Request Form must be completely filled out and returned to the ACM SIGGRAPH Project Manager. All events must be completed by Sunday, 9 August, as they cannot compete with the official SIGGRAPH 2015 program. 

If you would like to host your event in an official SIGGRAPH 2015 hotel, specific procedures may apply. 

Further details on co-location plans and procedures for SIGGRAPH 2015 will be available in early 2015.