Symposium on Apps

Panel: The Curse of Choice -­ How Will Users Find My App!?

Saturday, 01 December 09:00 - 10:45 |  Tourmaline 207

The Curse of Choice -­ How Will Users  Find  My  App!?  

Finding a mobile app and being found among the hundreds of thousands listed in today’s app stores has become a real challenge for both consumers and developers. However, aggregated sales of niche products contribute to large portions of sales, referred to as ‘long tail’, is a rather typical characteristic of digital markets and has often turned out as clear advantage over the traditional physical markets being constrained by higher transaction costs. Consumers have greater selection to choose from increasing the chance of satisfying their needs.
Nevertheless, what’s beneficial for the overall marketplace is not necessarily beneficial for the single developer. Which strategies developers can apply in order to stand out from their competitors? How can they show that they have developed an app which is just better than existing ones? How can they catch the consumer’s attention on the mobile screen for promoting a complete app? How can consumers find interesting apps without knowing what actually to look for? How can consumers benefit from the experience of others and follow the crowd? Where are personal app recommender systems?
This panel will collect different viewpoint on successful app promotion strategies and also speculate on the future of app stores.

Florian Michahelles, ETH Zurich
Nan Zhong, ETH Zurich
Henriette Cramer, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Frank Bentley, Motorola Applied Research Center
Niels Henze, University of Stuttgart
Jaden Y Choi, Tgrape