Symposium on Apps

Mobile Graphics Techniques - Hardware and Software

Saturday, 01 December 11:00 - 12:45 |  Tourmaline 207

Optimizing OpenGL ES Applications for Mobile Devices

“Optimizing OpenGL ES Applications for Mobile Devices” considers the best practices of using OpenGL ES for mobile applications. As the set of features of embedded GPUs approach those of desktop systems, applications can create more compelling renderings and interactive experiences. However, not all GPUs are created the same, and embedded GPUs often operate in different ways than their larger brethren.

This talk begins with an overview of how GPUs operate, contrasting traditional pipelines with those implementations in embedded devices. Knowing how embedded systems operate, we continue by exploring the effects of various OpenGL ES programming idioms, and how those cause GPUs to operate.

From specifying vertices for the geometric objects in your application’s scene, to understanding texture compression formats, we discuss describe in short code snippets the best practices for most of the GPU architectures in the mobile marketplace today.

Dave Shreiner, ARM, Inc.

Visualizing 3D Models in Aid of Public Consultation

We present a novel approach to visualizing 3D models in aid of public consultation. 3D assets of architectural and engineering proposals are decomposed into individual constituents and uploaded to a NoSQL database (DB). A newly developed Android application visualizes such centrally stored assets on mobile devices. Localized comments are pushed back to the DB for subsequent analysis. This concept is expected to improve the public engagement and significantly reduce the costs of running such events.
Jozef Doboš, University College London