Production Sessions

Visual Effects of Total Recall

Saturday 01 December | 13:00 - 14:00 | Concourse

Total Recall, 2012 was a remake of the classic 1990's film, which itself was inspired by the short story 'We can Remember it for You Wholesale' by Phillip K.Dick. Double Negative handled the majority of the films 1600-1700 + effects - their London and Singapore houses working in tandem on CG heavy scenes to bring to life the world of Total Recall.

Zoe Cranley, Singapore CG Supervisor, takes you through the creation of those effects, with particular emphasis on the importance of design in bringing to the screen Total Recall’s two densely populated synthetic cities (UFB and The Colony), the visualising of The Fall (a massive high-speed elevator travelling through the centre of the earth), the considerable design aspect inherent in the film being shot anamorphically on the RED EPIC and the creation of the armies of Synthetic Robots (filmed as practical elements) with the benefits and challenges brought to the scenes by the use of a multitude of actors in captured performance.

Finally, the talk will look at Dneg’s powerful pipeline which allowed for both the high shot count and a smooth working transition cross-site between London and Singapore (enabling a near 24-hour working day) and Dneg’s new Physically Plausible Lighting Pipeline V4 and how powerful this was in creating the visual look of Total Recall’s CG.

Zoe Cranley, Double Negative Singapore CG Supervisor
Zoe's passion for both art and the sciences (maths and computing) lent themselves perfectly to a career in VFX. After taking a degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation at NCCA Bournemouth, a role at Dneg soon came calling, joining in 2005 as Render Wrangler. From 2005, Zoe progressed through roles as Matchmove Artist, Generalist TD, Lighting TD, Lighting Lead to CG sequence Lead specializing primarily in creature-based shows, such as 'John Carter'. In Early 2012 Zoe moved over to Dneg Singapore where she worked as CG Supervisor on 'Total Recall'.