Exhibitor Sessions

Managing Large Scale Production with HP and NVIDIA

Friday, 30 November 16:30 - 17:00 | Conference Hall K

With the ever rising expectations of modern day audiences, large scale shots are increasing in demand. Such shots are generally delivered by big studios. The question is can such productions be achieved by a studio with limited number of staff and resources. At Lighthouse - VFX/CG workflow and tools are designed for small production team taking on short movies, "Understanding The Book Of Revelation", where end-time shots of large scale proportions are described in the Bible. Due to the production challenges of creating shots such as earthquakes, large cities, destruction scenes, ocean simulations, complex creatures and others, efficient and effective pipelines are created for wide production aspects such as VFX, modelling, animation, rigging, and more.

Douglas Leong / Creative Director of Lighthouse in Singapore