Exhibitor Sessions

RenderMan 2012 – A Brave New World: An overview of Pixar's latest rendering technology

Saturday, 01 December 11:00 - 12:00 | Conference Hall G - J

Come see the latest advancements in Pixar’s RenderMan Products, and learn about the techniques used on Pixar's Brave.

Dylan Sisson will showcase the new lighting and shading tools in RenderMan Studio 4.0, including a new physically plausible shader library, progressive re-rendering, and a host of cutting-edge features.

Find out what’s new in RenderMan Pro Server 17, and find out what the Cloud has to offer with a live demonstration of Pixar’s new rendering service, RenderMan On Demand. Along with a major re-packaging, RenderMan Studio delivers some major new features and performance for 2012.

Dylan Sisson / Technical Artist

Pixar Animation Studios