Emerging Technologies

Cryptone: Interaction between Performers and Audiences With Inaudible DTMF Sounds

We aim to enhance experiences of music entertainments at the venue of music lives or dance floor of nightclubs. Our goal is to bring music experiences to the new stage by realizing interactive environment with media technologies (device, interface, networks and so on). Without disturbing enjoying music, the essential of the performances, we try to present new way of entertain music. Cryptone enables interaction between performers and their audiences with sound IDs that consist of high frequency(17000Hz – 20000Hz) DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) sounds. These sounds are inaudible for most of grownup people and easily handle with the PA system of the music venue. Performers easily can embed the sound IDs into their music; musical performances also broadcast the IDs to their audiences’ iPhone screens. For interaction from the audiences to the performer, when the audiences shake their iPhones, iPhones plays another ID. According to the volume of the ID, visual images that indicate the groves of the audiences are projected into the screen in the venue. We consider that these interactions will cause significant changes in how to enjoy music at the venue.

Masami Hirabayashi Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences

Motoi Shimizu
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences