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Sound Perfume: Building Positive and Memorable Impression during Face-to-Face Communication

In today's highly interconnected world, building meaningful personal relationships is becoming complicated and it is affecting the quality of our relationships. Sound and smell can sometimes evoke strong emotional feelings, more than words. They can even awaken long forgotten memories. Additionally, they can unconsciously help in creating a mental image of another person’s personality during face-to-face encounter, and each unique sound and smell aid in the memory of one another. Sound Perfume is a wearable mobile system for smell and sound stimulation, which aims to enrich face-to-face communication while strengthening impressions between people. The system is based on the idea that associating a particular sound and smell with a new acquaintance can help to create a unique and memorable first impression. Furthermore, It assumes that upon subsequent meetings, re-experiencing the same sound and smell can assist with recollections of the first meeting. The system consists of mobile phone application and lens-free spectacle frames. Positioned to sit behind each ear, nodes on the spectacles’ arms contain solid perfumes and small speakers. A users first set their name, phone number, and preferred sound and smell information using mobile phone application. When two Sound Perfume users meet and make eye-contact, the IrDA transceiver modules in their spectacles exchange their information. Each user’s spectacles then subtly emit the preferred sound and smell of their acquaintance. Sound Perfume can be integrated with mobile phone camera as well as sound and smell information, it can be recorded along with a photograph of acquaintance. When the photograph is viewed, the user can experience their acquaintance’s sound and smell again. The idea is to trigger fond memories, and to subtly strengthen human relationships. Sound Perfume aims to build an emotional bridge between people by creating more meaningful impressions.

Yongsoon Choi Keio-NUS CUTE center

Rahul Parsani
Keio-NUS CUTE center

Xavier Roman
Keio-NUS CUTE center

Anshul Vikram Pandey
Keio-NUS CUTE center

Adrian David Cheok
Keio University