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Augmented Satiety: Interactive Nutritional Intake Controller

The goal of our project is to decrease rates of obesity by affecting our eating behavior implicitly by using HCI techniques. "Augmented Satiety" realizes modifying the perception of satiety implicitly and controlling nutritional intake interactively according to the meal and its nutritional value by changing the apparent size of food with augmented reality. As a possible method for decreasing rates of obesity, we focused on controlling food intake implicitly without any effort. We hypothesized that ambiguous perception of satiety can be applied to control our food intake. Recent psychological studies have revealed the amount of food consumed is influenced by both its actual volume and external factors during eating. Based on this knowledge, we made the interactive nutritional intake controller using object recognition and real-time shape deformation for controlling the perception of satiety. The system is able to change only the size of food in the visual field through head-mounted display. We also deform the shape of the user’s hand / cutlery as if s/he really were handling the virtually scaled food. This gives the users the impression that there is a difference in food size although they are handling the food in a certain size. We have shown that users consumed significantly greater amounts unintentionally when they ate a visually shrunk food relative to a visually enlarged food by using our system. Based on this knowledge, we decided to the mapping between the scale factor for changing apparent size and the estimated nutritional value in the food. By changing the scale factor interactively according to the food, the system can affect our eating behavior and control our nutritional intake implicitly. Our technology can help individuals more effortlessly control their food consumption and nutritional intake valance, and will lead a technically-supported healthy life in future.

Takuji Narumi The University of Tokyo

Yuki Ban
The University of Tokyo

Tomohiro Tanikawa
The University of Tokyo

Michitaka Hirose
The University of Tokyo