Emerging Technologies

Mixed Reality Mirror Display

The interactive mirror system is proposed. By using a combination of a two-way mirror and a display, the user can see the information on the reflective surface of the mirror. However, this system cannot superimpose information according to the position of the user or that of the object reflected in the mirror; thus, this system does not provide a “sense of immersion.” In a virtual mirror system, a large display is used instead of the mirror to display the mirrored image captured by a camera. However, because its display resolution is low and the motion of eyes of the user does not match that mirrored on the display, users get a sense of incongruity. In this work, we propose a mixed reality mirror display (MRMD). The appearance of MRMD is similar to that of an ordinary mirror. Further, MRMD superimposes information seamlessly according to the position of the user or object reflected in the mirror and displays information intuitively. We use the range sensor to measure the position of the user’s head, and we use two web cameras to measure the position of the object. Then, using these measured three-dimensional positions, MRMD calculates the position of the object reflected in the mirror. Then, it displays information according to the calculated position of the object. We believe that with MRMD, any mirror can be used as a interactive system, thus extending its application scope and reach. Further, owing to its natural appearance and intuitive interface, our system displays information in a highly enjoyable manner to the user.

Takenori Hara Dai Nippon Printing

Masafumi Oda
Dai Nippon Printing