Emerging Technologies

Haptic Editor

A number of haptic interfaces have been proposed thus far. For the popularity of haptic technologies to reach the next stage, a creation system for haptic-enabled content is required. In this project, we propose an interactive content creation and editing system for haptic-enabled 3D content by drawing shapes in the air and copying and pasting surface textures. To achieve realistic haptic interaction, we create a data structure for haptic content using three kinesthetic layers and a tactile layer. The user can create haptic 3D content by editing haptic properties on a layer editor and touch the created content to test sensations using a pen-shaped haptic interface. To allow the user to design haptic content by using various realistic haptic textures, we realize copying and pasting of haptic textures from tactile materials in the real world to the surface of 3D content in the virtual world.

Sho Kamuro
The University of Tokyo

Yuta Takeuchi
Keio University

Kouta Minamizawa
Keio University

Susumu Tachi
Keio University