Emerging Technologies

Fuwa-Vision: An auto-stereoscopic floating-image display

We propose Fuwa-Vision, a simple interactive auto-stereoscopic display for multiple users, which does not require glasses or mechanical moving components. This system can project autostereoscopic images in midair with a simple structure and simple calculation. It provides a proper view of the combination of stereoscopic objects and real objects in come near distance. Our goal is developing the interaction with the 3D image and real objects. For example, it can detect the position of the candle, and render virtual flame for this candle as if it were with real fire. The innovation points of this system are simple and easy. It is easy to developing and it can enlarge to big video screen size with High Resolution High Television. This display is consist of four parts, backlighted Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) , transparent LCD, the Fresnel convex lens on the optical axis and the head tracking system for the viewer’s position. The image on the backlighted LCD is a same as a final image in-air, it is not necessary to calculate the interpolation and so on. The slit image on the transparent LCD is located by the position of user's eye. It is a simple proportional relationship between the slit and user's position. It can control the direction of image precisely.

Hideaki Nii KEIO-NUS CUTE-Center, National University of Singapore

Kening Zhu
KEIO-NUS CUTE-Center, National University of Singapore

Hiromi Yoshikawa
The University of Electro-Communications Japan

Nyan Lin Htat
KEIO-NUS CUTE-Center, National University of Singapore

Roland Aigner
Ars Electronica GmbH

Ryohei Nakatsu
Interactive and Digital Media Institute NUS Singapore