Emerging Technologies

MRsionCase: A Glasses-free Mixed Reality Showcase for Surrounding Multiple Viewers

MRsionCase provides users spatially consistent information through multi-layered floating images along with real objects inside the showcase. Since the mid-air images are formed from optical devices, users can see them without additional device. In addition to the visual information, localized auditory information is realized by hyper directional loudspeakers. We achieved complete spatial consistency of information for mixed reality system by fluid control in visual image positioning and localized real audio representation. 1) By optical combination of half-silvered mirror, transmissive mirror devices, and mirrors, we proposed a simple imaging system structure which can provide mid-air floating images to multiple directions. We also overcame the restrictions in mid-air floating image positioning for mixed reality showcases. Since the mid-air floating images are formed as real and imaginary images, they can be freely placed at any depth in the system along with real objects. 2) Localized real audio image representation is realized in multiple directions from hyper directional loudspeakers. It enables users to hear the audio guide from the direction of the exhibit. In addition, since the directivity of sounds maintain even after reflections, multiple audio images representation is possible by controlling the reflecting directions.

Hanyuool Kim The University of Tokyo

Shun Nagao
The University of Tokyo

Satoshi Maekawa

Takeshi Naemura
The University of Tokyo