Emerging Technologies

Floating Volume Viewer

Floating Volume Viewer provides an interactive environment where the viewer can slice the floating 3D object presented by a novel autostereoscopic display with a transparent plate and see the arbitrary cross section of object. The autostereoscopic display is based on integral volumetric imaging technology, composed of a large aperture convex lens, convex lens array, and multiple display panels. With the large aperture convex lens, layered real image of the display panels is generated in the air, which leads to natural and realistic expression of floating volumetric image. Elemental lenses of the convex lens array coupled with elemental images rendered from different angles realize delivery of image corresponding to each viewing position like holograms, which enables multiple viewers to share the experience at the same time. The position and the posture of acrylic plate are detected by a 6-DOF sensor, and the displayed image is turned into the 3D image of the object sliced with the plate while the plate intersects with the 3D floating image. The image data inside the object is stored in a 3D texture format and the texture of cross section given by the 3D texture data is mapped onto the polygonal surface of sliced cross section generated on the real-time basis. Thus the viewers can feel as if they are slicing the real object with the hand-held plate directly. With this demonstration the viewers can experience a future museum with interactive exhibition and a future hospital with interactive visualization of medical CT data.

Shimpei Sawada University of Tsukuba

Hideki Kakeya
University of Tsukuba