Previsualisation: Assisting Filmmakers in Realizing their Vision

Thursday, 29 November 14:15-18:00 | Topaz 220

Course Objectives: Previsualization(Previs) is widely used in many movie productions in Europe and North America, however it is not as popular in productions in Asia. This course will be an introductory presentation targeting Directors, VFX Supervisors, Producers, Studio Executives, Artists of all levels and specialties, elaborating the advantages of using Previs for their productions. The main purpose of Previs is to visualise complex movie sequences before actual production begins. There are many benefits for doing Previs, besides cost saving and aid in the planning process, it helps the producers and directors communicate not only to their crew, but also to studios what they are putting their money into. Previs has also evolved to serve other purposes, such as pitching projects to studios; planning complex scenes through technical previs, etc. The role of the Previz Artists is to work with the Directors in realizing their creative visions, at the same time, it offers an excellent opportunities to collaborate with some of the best creative minds in the industry. Most Previs Artists need to have strong understanding of cinematic languages and craftsmanship as well as solid visual story-telling skills, however the barrier for entry is relatively low as it is not as technical. Presentation formats: First half of the course will be a Power Point Presentation, followed by a hands-on demonstration of constructing a previs scene in maya, using simple tools and cheats, ultimately not to produce a finished CG movie, but enough to communicate the staging of the scenes and the story. Topics covered: Introduction to Previsualization: History, present, and why Previs. Types of Previsualization. Previsualization workflow. Demonstration of previsualizing a scene in Maya. Conclusion: Future of Previsualisation. Target audience: Directors, VFX Supervisors, Producers, Studio Executives, Artists of all levels. Prerequisite: Some 3D experience helpful, but not required.


Intended Audience
Filmmakers. Feature, shorts, producers, Studio Executives, Working Professionals, artists, animators, story-tellers, and anyone who has an interest in this area. Previs can be use on short films to mega budget VFX heavy feature films.

Some understanding of the film making process. Understanding of computer graphics production preferable, but not required.

Hock Wong, Dreamworks Animation

Hock Hian is currently a previz/layout artist on Dreamworks' "The Croods", coming out in Spring 2013. He also worked on Puss in Boots, How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek Forever After and Kung Fu Panda 2.
For over 10 years, Hock Hian has worked on varies aspects of CG productions, from films, such as: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, 2012, Astro Boy, Eagle Eye, to TV shows such as Fight Science and Sports Science, Pushing Daises, etc. Hock Hian was also at Sony Playstation for 6 years, where he was the Lead Animator on numerous Triple A games.