Constructing a Stereo Pipeline from Scratch: Lessons Learned from Disney’s “The Secret of the Wings”

Saturday, 01 December 09:00-12:45 | Garnet 212

This course aims to present a thorough study of stereo design from the film-maker perspective, as well as to provide insight into how to harness collaborative resources to create a pleasing stereoscopic film experience. As a case study, we will describe the work-flow we implemented for DisneyToon Studios “The Secret of The Wings.” By illustrating the progression of stereo sequences from depth script all the way through final color, we hope to give a complete picture of how stereo can organically evolve alongside the changing needs of a film production. Anyone interested in incorporating stereo creation as a part of their production process, from the independent film-maker, all the way to full-scale studios with well-established pipelines will benefit from this course. Through stereo demonstrations of the evolution of shots and sequences, we will present a stereo roadmap that will allow for maximum creativity all the way to the end of a project. Because the majority of the tools developed for this film were created using Autodesk Maya, the technical aspects of this course will be illustrated through this lens, but the concepts will be applicable to the making of CG films in general.


Intended Audience
Intermediate. The ideal audience for this talk will be anyone who is interested in incorporating stereo creation as a part of their production process, from the independent film-maker with a staff of one, all the way up to the large-sized studio collaborations.

Some knowledge of CG film production is useful, as well as a basic understanding of concepts such as stereo cameras and stereo viewing technologies. For the technical aspects of the course, a familiarity with advanced concepts such as interaxial distance and converge planes is useful, but not absolutely required.

Vladimir Sierra, Disney Toon Studios
John Park, Disney Toon Studios
Carter Jason, Disney Toon Studios

Vladimir Sierra, Stereoscopic Lead at Disney Toon Studios. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Aerospace Engineering, Vladimir spent 15 years in the aerospace industry focusing his CG skills in scientific visualization, which eventually led to developing 3D techniques for the aerospace sector, and currently for Disney Toon Studios.