Fitness for Use: Introduction to Professional Standards in Modeling

Friday, 30 November 09:00-10:45 | Topaz 221

Industry expectations for professional 3D modeling include a wide range of technical error categories. Even within studios, modelling errors are common. For this reason, artists who are technically proficient are prized above those who are not. This course is designed to raise awareness among students and professionals about some of the types of mistakes most commonly made by novices in the CG industry--particularly in third party modelling production service companies.


Intended Audience
This course is an excellent introduction to modeling for students who have never used 3D modeling software before. It is also useful for students who are concerned about the technical merit of their work. This course is not appropriate for visitors who have professional experience.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Andrew Paquette, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences

Andrew Paquette, Senior lecturer/Research lead, NHTV University of Applied Sciences. International Game Architecture and Design Academy. Prior to his position at NHTV, Andrew Paquette was a CG supervisor and Art director at Sony Pictures Imageworks, Universal Studios, Digital Arts, THQ/Heavy Iron Studios, and an animator/texture artist/CG lighter at Rhythm & Hues, Square USA, Cinesite, and Epic Games. Prior to becoming a CG artist, his illustrations were featured in many national magazines and he was a comic book artist. One series he co-created was adapted into the television series "Harsh Realm."