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Interactive 3D Environment and Sound Exploration : Body-Movement and Reflective Space

My work involves the complex relationships between the human condition, perception, consciousness, and digital technology in audio/visual artist installations. Exploring, moving image, film, animation, new media electronics, sensor technology and sound. Exploring known feelings, of the experiences of space and subjective perception, and the connections between the mind/body in space in the natural and urban environment and in the virtual world. Philosophical concepts, cultural theories, are explored through digital media, to find meaning and approaches to new media aesthetics. The individuals freedom can be enhanced by technology, in this interactive digital installation, using kinect sensor technology and OpenNI. It explores how an interactive digital virtual environment changes consciousness. The interface of body-joint movement is directly linked to 3D worlds, constructed with grid like and transparent structures with gestural sound synthesis. This interactive digital installation, in which human-machine interaction is aligned to ‘Agency’, ‘Situation’ and ‘Embodiment’. Complex associations with space and sound, in which gestural digital algorythms of sound are affected in the virtual world. The control of the virtual world via body-joint movement, and tracked position, velocity, gestures are directly linked to archi-tectonic forms, distortion of space and perspective. It challenges unconscious associations with familiar, embodied habitual experiences of‘ Newtonian/Euclidian/Cartesian-space’. The expected reading and interpretation of body-movement, is translated into a reflexive aesthetic language that causes the particpant to reanalyze there position, gesture in space. Embodied body memory ‘propriorception’, is challenged within this interactive digital situation to cause perceptual awareness and change of consciousness, in which new meanings can be derived.

Ken Byers
University of West Scotland