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LBSkeletons (Listening Bio-Skeletions)

I aim to design the computer-augmented physical kinetic objects for changing the experience between the dweller, space, and the artifact. Through the use of foldable structures and robotic technologies in conjunction with sensing/controlling techniques to develop self-behavior and artificial consciousness, resulting in artworks that display the characteristics of life. LBSkeletons (Listening Bio-Skeletons) is an interactive illumination composed of the transformable lampshade and embedded of the computing mechanism to generate diverse forms through the proximity contact. The transformable lampshade form is articulated in the reference of origami technique. From foldable structural design to connecting dense replicated spatial frame to pneumatic cylinders and processors, to build a kind of sensor networked framework. LBSkeletons creating an alternative ambient display from a magnificent shadows and blend of pneumatic sound, and showing an emotional communication between viewer and the illumination object. The LBSkeletons detects one or more audiences and reacts through a change of shape, sound, light, and enables the audience to immerse and control a harmonious musical environment and shadows through their body movement. The grace summons immersion in a harmonious environment as well as bringing in the imagination that life in the future, furnitures built with artificial intelligent may detect the dweller's mind and responses with meaningful behaviors, and that our space would become an ecosystem filled with sensations and emotions, the representations of life and the surroundings that we live in.

Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang
Chung Hua University

SDAID (Studio of Digital Art and Innovative Design)
Chung Hua University