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Sensitive as Water

Niu Miao is a new generation Chinese artist who works with a variety of media, including digital media, painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Miao received his first master degree from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the most well known Art School in China, majoring in Sculpture & Installation Art. Miao is recipient of several awards including the Gold Award in Graduate Show for his “Self Portrait Series” in 2007 and his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. “The only Questions worth asking are those that have no answers.” His works focuses on the experiences of Duality and Human Conditions, inner conflicts and duality. Connection to the natural world, he exploring the human condition as human as animal, human as machine. Prior to his graduate education, Niu Miao received a long-term training in painting and sculpture. During this education he worked as an assistant to Xu Bing (the vice president of CAFA) and participated in large-scale art projects such as the “Phoenix Project” (as co-designer and project monitor). Due to his continued interest in the interdisciplinary in art and a desire to seek out cross-cultural experience, Miao is currently completing his second Graduate Degree in the Digital Media Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. Influenced by this new cross-cultural experience of China and US Concentrating in the use of new computer technology to explore comparative cultural study through visual related medias via robotics, photos, and interactive installations.

Miao Niu
Rhode Island School of Design