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Samalu is an artistic installation about mountain myths from Austria and Korea. Mountainous countries like Korea and Austria have a special relationship to their mountains. In Austria wise woman called the “Salige”, with knowledge of the mountains and special powers over the weather used to help hikers in the mountains. They were also protectors over the mountains and furious towards the ones who did not respect the nature. Today the “Salige” can only be found in the mountain myths and tales. Through history in Korea the presence of the mountains has been important and the “San-shin” mountain spirits protect them. Active mountain worship still exist in Korea and this can be considered as an important cultural heritage. “Samalu” finds inspiration in old folk believes and shaman rituals, but brings the meaning of mountain myths and worship into todays contemporary Austria and Korea. Mountain worship reflects norms of society and humans have always found ways to express their dreams, hopes and fears, yet mediums and values changed. A non-linear story around this theme explores how we in our highly modern societies are attached to the nature through the mountains. KairUs is an artist collaboration platform founded in 2010 by Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle.

Andreas Zingerle
University of Art and Design Linz

Linda Kronman