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Viewers are not usually aware that the web browser undergoes various processes when they open a single web page. For example, there may be many transmissions if the website uses as many external resources, or the website may be specified to store cookies. Depending on the website's structure, there may also be processes not specified by the website, such as the garbage collection or re-rendering. Although we usually visualize these processes to understand the structure of a website, this project approaches from senses other than sight. The Weburette brews a cocktail by mixing drops of different liquors where each liquor represents a specific process of the browser. Because the processes of each web page differently, each cocktail will be brewed differently as well, and have its own original taste and aroma. Therefore we can sense not only the visual representations of the web page, but also the taste and aroma. This kind of shift in cognition may open doors to discover new values of a web page.

Daisuke Akatsuka
Mozilla Japan

Tomoki Hiramoto
Kozo Keikaku Engineering