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Coronado was inspired by a visit to the Coronado beach in California, it was an awe inspiring moment for me, especially when I come from Singapore, an island country surrounded by the sea. It was something I have never experienced sonically. The soundscape present in Coronado seemed to be coming from all directions with layers and layers of sound waves. I decided then that I would make a sound work that translates this experience. The core of the conceptual framework that surrounds this work is the sense of wonderment, a sonic space that calls out to the audience from multiple direction. The sound installation is characterized by the interplay of the analog and digital sound sources which layers over one another, exploring the idea of a loop that creates a unique interpretation of a sea scape. The center of the installation is an ocean drum controlled with mechanical arms that creates and simulates the sound of sea waves. Finally, the sound from this sculpture is fed into the computer and reprocessed, and bounced across different speakers surrounding the installation. It is a piece dedicated entirely to the senses, of experiencing an interpretation of nature. This interplay and sense of endlessness in the layering of the analog and digital is my feeling and response to the wonderment I found in Coronado.

Kian-Peng Ong