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TheTrees, Our Blood Vessels

"The Trees, Our Blood Vessels" Morphogenesis with Information Processes for Art and Design. The most impossible problem is seeing myself with own eyes for us as animals. We cannot see our-self from outside. Because eyes and brain which works for visual is restricted by body, and body is restricted by space. Although it is paradoxically of course, seeing the outside world from inside is possible for us as animals. And then, incomprehensible problem emerge. We know the structure in the outer and inner world where appears two or more things at the same time. What is can be seen in the eyes? : I would like to watch the shape of the trees how grew. There are leaf veins and branches extending toward from central stem to the sun. On the other hand, even if we dug up the soil, we will be able to see the roots stretching in deep ground to support them. What is not can be seen in the eyes? : Blood vessels are stretching throughout the body to carry blood. However, it is impossible to see them directly for us. Even if using with the video technology in the medical field such as MRI and CT, we are possible to see indirectly the state of things only. Above the two cases, we confirm common branching structure. If it is positioned as information processes, The trees and our blood vessels both are typically, these natural morphogenesis structure is worthy of the form which is ruled by them.

Yuto Hasebe
Chukyo University