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Moulla Augmented Magic Show

Moulla has been doing magic since he was 8 years old. He has been performing magic shows for a very long time. He has hundreds of performances under his belt, in France and all around the world. He has proven his talent with his company in New York City, Cuba, Sevilla, Paris, Boston, Florencia... and also in Las Vegas where he met all the most famous magicians of our time. All of them see in him a talented and skillful magician. But Moulla is not just a magician. He is also a visionary and a brilliant scientist He is passionate about virtual reality and computer science in general. This scientist aspect of his personality has enabled him to create a new approach to magic art by blending his knowledge of new technologies and his magic skills. Today, Moulla performs magic shows of a new kind : Augmented Magic shows - shows in which the virtual and the reality are completely connected. This new way of performing magic opens an infinite creation field because the impossible becomes possible. This allows Moulla to create stunning artistic shows, as well as tailored corporate shows for brands or companies. be prepared for something you have never seen before.

Gamgie Rignault
Augmented Magic