Art Gallery

Woven Milieu

My work envisions the disintegration of tiny parts of the world. My video and installation pieces invite the viewer to look more carefully at the mutability of cityscapes and their surroundings. In my works, what I show is paradoxical dialogue between representation of image and the suggestion of contiguous context - which is an invisible, yet dynamic “presence” – as well as between the buzzing real-world and its transformation to metaphorical configuration. I am investigating both the lingering presence of actuality and its infinite possibility for change. As a foreigner in Chicago, I enjoy the solitary and invisible moments given to me as an urban traveler in this fast-paced city. The time with calmness and alienation enabled me to look into the city from a new perspective. I began to imagine urban space as a kind of weaving representing all different kinds of relationships in this city, and my body acted as a spatiotemporal mediation. My transcendental experience integrated within daily life patterns are represented in my algorithmic video in seemingly rhythmical, but intricate way.

Su Hyun Nam
School of the Art Institute of Chicago