The 4th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia
Conference 12-15 December • Exhibition 13-15 December • Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Emerging Technologies

Adaptive Parallax Autostereoscopic LED Display

In conventional dual-layered LCD motion, parallax display has limitations in brightness and frame-rate. The technical innovation in this project is that we implemented a novel 38inch high-density LED panel that has a 240Hz refresh rate and 1500cd/m2 brightness. More than 160,000 full-color LEDs are arranged on the panel with 1.5mm pitch. A moving image rendered on the basis of a particular parallax barrier pattern is displayed on the LED display, and a 240Hz VA type LCD panel with HD resolution, which works as dynamic parallax barrier, is placed in front of the LED panel. As the barrier pattern can be varies arbitrarily, the number and direction of motion parallax can be flexibly controlled. When a viewer stands in front of the display, the system recognizes the rough position of the viewer’s head by a camera, and then the viewpoints are densely arranged around the viewer’s head so as to maximize the range of the horizontal motion parallax. When the viewer lies down in front of the display, the parallax would automatically change to the vertical. Furthermore, when there are multiple users in front of the display, the number and angle of horizontal parallax would be changed according to the distribution of the people. This proposed system also enhances the viewing style of 3DTV from individual to public use such as digital signage.

Kouta Minamizawa, Keio University
Keitaro Shimizu, Keio University
Masahiko Inami, Keio University
Naohisa Ohta, Keio University
Susumu Tachi, Keio University
Shigeto Yoshida, Sharp Corporation
Noriaki Yamaguch, Sharp Corporation
Shigeki Imai, Sharp Corporation